Obama and Hillary meet in Chicago

I don't know how serious the rumors about Obama thinking about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State are. Is it a strong consideration or is it more along the lines or just making sure doesn't rule out the possibility out of hand. However, it does appear they did meet in Chicago yesterday. At least according to CNN.

http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/11/14/obama-clinton-meet-in-chicago/

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Obama up 6 in Rasmussen

The new Rasmussen polls this morning shows Obama up by 6 points. That is a 3 point increase from yesterday. It looks like Obama had a good weekend polling wise as other than the CNN poll, which had Obama up 1 and of course Zogby, Obama got a convention bounce, even with the Palin pick.

Rasmussen Tracking 08/30 - 09/01 3000 LV 51 45 Obama +6
Hotline/FD 08/29 - 08/31 RV 48 39 Obama +9
CBS News 08/29 - 08/31 781 RV 48 40 Obama +8
CNN 08/29 - 08/31 927 RV 49 48 Obama +1
Gallup Tracking 08/29 - 08/31 2733 RV 49 43 Obama +6

With the Republicans holding their convention this week, those numbers are sure to get tighter.

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If not Dodd, other Obama clues about the VP choice given from NC.

As far as I know Chris Dodd has yet to be given a speaking spot at the Democratic National Convention, which makes me wonder if he is going to end up being the choice for VP.
He has been a supporter of Obama since February. Will bring the "experience" the media keeps saying Obama needs. The Obama people have put him through the vetting process. Can speak Spanish and was once in the peace corps. Was also part of the U.S. Army Reserves and Army National Guard. Has been quite of late.
I know there are some negatives. Questions about the loan he got being a big one.
He's not my first choice, but I'm starting to wonder if he is going to end up being the choice.

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Rasmussen: Obama up 11 in New Hampshire, down 3 in Nevada

Rasmussen has a couple polls out today. One for New Hampshire and one for Nevada.
In New Hampshire, Obama is up 11. Just a few days ago, ARG had a poll with Obama up 12, so things are looking pretty good for New Hampshire at the moment. I've heard the media talk about how strong of a chance McCain has there, but the polls are not backing that up at the moment.
In Nevada, he is showing Obama down 3, but that is a 3 point improvement over a month ago.

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Obama's call to Hillary. On possible future meeting. Apologized for comments by Father Pfleger...

Obama talked a bit today about the call he made to Hillary Clinton today yesterday.

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At least one honest reporter about Iraq pre-war coverage

There is at least one honest reporter willing to talk about how the media didn't do it's job in the Iraq pre-war coverage.

Even though the media has long been painted as liberal, I think they have actually been much tougher on the Democrats. How many times have Hillary and Obama been attacked by the media for a gaffe. While McCain makes one gaffe after another and gets away with it. And I would argue that most of the one's McCain makes are serious ones. In fact, I think we should be spending less time attacking one another, Clinton-Obama supporter, and focus more of our attention on McCain.

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Huckabee's sick joke about Obama having gun pointed at him

In response to a load noise, Mike Huckabee made a rather tastless and sick joke about Barack Obama trying to evade a gunman. If that wasn't sick enough the people at the NRA meeting laughed about it.

"That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he's getting ready to speak," said the former Arkansas governor, to audience laughter. "Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor."

http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/05/16/huckabee-jokes-about-obama-ducki ng-a-gunman/

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Rasmussen shows Obama and Clinton ahead of McCain in PA.

Rasmussen new poll for Pennsylvania shows both Obama and Clinton ahead of McCain.

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Story about Obama's mother

The following story is from the N.Y. Times, link to from the Msnbc web site. Like I wrote, I'm an Obama supporter, but I really don't like all the negative stuff I've been seeing of late. I think the past couple weeks has most helped McCain and the Republicans, so I wanted to make my first couple posts here positive ones. The Michigan possible redo and a story about Obama's mother. Whether or not you support Obama, I think it's an interesting story and says something about the type of person he is today.

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Obama's Michigan Co-Chair Suggests Agreement On Redo Of Primary Is Likely

This is going to be my first post here and I am an Obama supporter. I saw the follwing on TPM about Michigan.

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