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    I think the Obama team is finally starting to catch on, on how to fight back at these type of things, Stephanie Cutter, a spokesperson for the vice president (Biden)

    "I have never heard such a circular argument in my life," said Cutter. "This is a completely fabricated controversy and I have a hard time believing women are offended by this. People use this saying all the time. I have to wonder why John McCain would want to raise something like this. And maybe [former Massachusetts Gov.] Jane Swift [who appeared earlier on MSNBC] doesn't know his record but I wonder where her outrage was when John McCain said he was going to beat Hillary Clinton like a drum. Or participated in an event where one of his participants called Hillary Clinton a bitch. Those are direct comments targeted at somebody's gender. And I didn't hear any outrage then... They are having a false offense on putting lipstick on a pig, when John McCain doesn't even stand for equal pay for women, doesn't stand for children's health insurance, thinks the economy is just going fine when millions of children are going without health care. I mean where is the offense at that?"

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    It's official, the Republicans and the McCain team are going to use the gender card.

    "Senior McCain adviser Carly Fiorina said Tuesday that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and other Democrats were engaging in sexist attacks on Sarah Palin, as Republicans continued to invoke Hillary Clinton to criticize the Democratic presidential ticket.

    "I am appalled by the Obama campaign's attempts to belittle Governor Sarah Palin's experience," said Fiorina. "The facts are that Sarah Palin has made more executive decisions as a Mayor and Governor than Barack Obama has made in his life.

    "Because of Hillary Clinton's historic run for the Presidency and the treatment she received, American women are more highly tuned than ever to recognize and decry sexism in all its forms. They will not tolerate sexist treatment of Governor Palin."

    Fiorina pointed to a Monday interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, when Obama responded to GOP arguments that Palin had more executive experience than he or Biden did.

    "Well, my understanding is that Governor Palin's town of Wasilla has I think 50 employees," he said. "We've got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute I think has been made clear over the last couple of years."

    She also pointed to a comment Biden made on the trail over the weekend, when he joked with the crowd at a campaign event that one of the "obvious differences" between him and Palin was that she is "good looking."

    http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/09/02/fiorina-dems-launching-sexist-at tacks-against-palin/

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    Looks like Palin is the pick. At least from two sources.

    http://www.swamppolitics.com/news/politi cs/blog/

    And from John Harwood


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    I said yesterday I thought he would pick a woman, so if it's not KBH, then I think he will probably pick Palin. McCain campaign has been about trying to grab the daily headlines. Do whatever possible to win that days news coverage. We've seen it this past week.
    The only drawback would be the question, if you think Obama doesn't have the experience, then why pick someone with less experience. However, he would get great press and take Obama off the headlines. And despite her hard core, right wing, conserative views, she will appeal to many women upset about Hillary and the media. So, the media will probably lay off being too critical of her.
    Romney would be the safe choice and help in Michigan and out West. And he would help McCain with his economic weakness. Though he comes off as a phony, at least to me. And there is a number of ways Democrats can hit back with a Romney choice.

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    Pawlenty is suppose to be in Denver today, so it would be unusual to have your VP in Denver today. I do think there is a good chance he ends up naming a woman as VP.

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    Looks like it's down to either Biden or Chet Edwards from Texas, with Biden as the favorite. Though I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was Edwards.

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    As I've written, I don't think it's going to be Hillary Clinton. If it was, Obama would have had to have a face to face meeting with Bill Clinton and as far as I know, that has not occurred. I still think that the main obstacle to a Obama/Clinton ticket is not so much between Hillary and Obama, but rather Bill Clinton.
    I could be wrong and Obama could end up choosing her as VP.
    I've supported Obama from the start and will keep supporting him no matter who he picks as VP, but I haven't had a problem with Hillary Clinton as VP. Maybe because I voted for Bill Clinton twice, including in the 1992 Democratic primaries.
    Of course, I don't know anything more than most of you. :)
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    Probably shouldn't have put Kerry and Daschle in the "surprise" category as they wouldn't that big of a surprise, like say a Paneta, but they are in the "not sure about type of pick"

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    As I've mentioned I don't think it's going to be Hillary and I don't think Gore has any interest in being a VP again, so it's either going to be an, "eh, okay pick" some people will like, some will hate, but overall, eh. Like Biden, Bayh, etc..., "surprise, not sure about type of pick", Powell, Paneta, Kerry, Daschle any general not named Clark, etc... "hmmm, okay, but not sure if this is the right choice" Kaine, Sebelius, or anyone that doesn't have "experience", especially on foreign matters. "I don't really like, but... pick" Could be a good pick, I can see the benefits of how it could help Obama win and I can live with it, but I don't really like it, someone like a Sam Nunn.  Or the "yuk" pick, like Hagel.
    I know some people would include Bayh or a number of people in the yuk category, but I'm trying to be objective on how the pick will play out overall.
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    I think Obama wants Kaine to be his VP, but may end up naming Dodd or Biden.
    My head tells me Kaine, but all the pundits and talking heads on TV talking about how Obama needs someone with "experience" makes me think it might be Biden or Dodd.
    In other words, like most people, I really don't know. :)
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    As an early Obama backer, I would be okay with Hillary as the VP choice. From what I've seen and read, my guess is that there would be more Obama supporters okay with Hillary as VP as there are Hillary supporters okay with Obama at the moment.
    However, it's not going to happen anyway. I think the main reason is Bill Clinton, more than Hillary. Just today it was reported that after stating that he favored Obama's energy plans, he also said the following,
    "But John McCain has the best record of any Republican running for president on the energy issue and on climate change."
    No way he would have said that if Hillary had won and not something you would hear if Hillary was going to be named the VP choice.
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    According to the IndyStar, "Bayh is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 27th, the night dedicated to national security issues, according to Bayh's office.
    Is that a hint that he's the VP choice or does it show that he's not going to be chosen.
    Along with Lynn Sweet's "sources", Biden is also going to address the Firefighter's Union convention on behalf of Obama today. Is that a clue that it's possible Biden.
    I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that Sibelius is scheduled to speak on the Tuesday of the Convention.
    Anthony Zinni would be an interesting choice. Though I don't know much more than some basic general information about him. He has been a critic of the War in Iraq.
    I could see Kaine, especially since they seem to get along well. He's from Virginia and with Warner speaking, I agree with Jerome that he would make sense to have Warner be the keynote speaker if Obama was going to choose Kaine.
    Warner would have been the perfect choice. With everyone else, there seems to be strong pluses and minuses. Doesn't really seem to be that one "perfect" choice that most people would just love and be happy with.
  • If Obama or a Dem said this, it would already be 24/7 news. With McCain, let's see if this gets much airplay.

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    I haven't seen this mentioned by any of the mainstream media, maybe I've missed it, and I've already written a diary today, but I wanted to mention a new Newsweek poll showing Obama up by 15, 51-36.
    Why to I get the feeling that if the poll showed McCain up, it would be breaking news and have non-stop coverage. Maybe it'll be covered by MSNBC at 6.

    "...Obama is running much stronger at this point in the race than his two most recent Democratic predecessors, Sen. John Kerry and Vice President Al Gore, who both failed in their bids to win the White House. In a July 2004 NEWSWEEK Poll, Kerry led Bush by only 6 points (51 percent to 45 percent). In June 2000, Gore was in a dead heat with Bush (45 percent to 45 percent)--which is essentially where he ended up when that razor-thin election was finally decided.

    Most other national polls have shown Obama with a 4 to 5 point lead over McCain so far. Random statistical error can explain some of the difference in poll results. The NEWSWEEK survey of 1,010 adults nationwide on June 18 and 19, 2008, has a margin of error of 4 points. But the latest evidence of his gaining ground goes well beyond that margin."

    http://www.newsweek.com/id/142465?from=r ss

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    Well, if CNN is showing it this morning, maybe it will have some legs. I hope I'm wrong about this as well. I just have my doubts whether or not this will turn into a major story or just one of a bunch of stories.


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