Wes Clark on Hillary as Commander-In-Chief

I just received an email from WesPac, Gen. Wes Clark's PAC, and he  brought up the main reason I support Hillary Clinton for president in these times when we have troops in the field.  I just do not see Obama as being knowledgeable enough to have these types of conversations with military leaders, or the troops in the field.  That is the ground on which McCain will fight the general election, and Obama cannot hold a candle to Hillary in this arena.

I quote Clark:

As you know, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton for President. I could list countless reasons why, but I think one story about Hillary sums it all up.

After the war in Kosovo was over, she and the President flew in to meet the troops. I watched her engage with the privates, sergeants and the colonels. She knew the issues, she knew the personal aspects and she had their respect. In my talk with her, I could see she had followed the issues closely and was well in-tune with the military and diplomatic requirements. She could have been the Commander-in-Chief.

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Urban legend? Child sells toy for Obama

Has anyone heard this story?  It sounds like the kind of urban legend that gets sent around in a mass email.  Someone from San Francisco called in to the Ed Shultz show today and reported it as having happened to a friend of his.  I don't have all the words memorized, but here is the gist of it:

This "friend" was bringing a "disadvantaged" young boy to the polls with him on Super Tuesday for a "teaching moment".  As the man was standing there deciding who to vote for, the child pulled $17.80 out of his pocket.  Even though his family only had a TV on a card table, he had seen Obama speak and sold his best toy to get money to donate to the Obama campaign. Of course the man decided then and there to vote for Obama, and supposedly so did this caller after he heard the story.

Ed pretty much went right to commercial, but didn't challenge this guy on what is quite obvious to me a fake story. I've looked it up Snopes and other urban legend sites, but have not found it.  Let me know if you have seen it, or heard it in other forms, and I will submit it to Snopes myself.

Am I just too cynical to believe in the Oba-magic?

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