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    Yeah - and I tried to vote for Obama in NY and was immediately sucked through a hole in the space-time continuum and ended up in Howard Wolfson's brain.  No frickin' paper trail there either.

  • I know - I liked the show a lot more before Cenk had completely made up his mind.  Now he discounts all the arguments he himself used to make agaisnt Obama.

    But their last primary show was very good.  Just turn down the volume if Obama gives any speeches - Cenk can't control his inner fanboy.

  • The SUSA results out of California this morning include polling from last night, and show a 10% Hillary lead.  I thing the Oprah rally yesterday did more harm than good.  It seemed to me that Oprah, Michelle, Caroline and Maria were celebrating themselves, enjoying being on that stage in front of all the cheering masses, having done nothing to deserve it.  It had nothing to do with what is best for the country.

  • One big difference - The Survey USA polls show a lot fewer undecideds in the various states - 2-3% as opposed to 8-9% in the Zogby/Cspan poll.  The fact that Hillary is ahead in these SurveyUSA State polls tells me that the undecideds over the weekend broke her way.  We'll see in a few hours.

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    I think it will be so close that Clinton and Obama ought to announce a joint ticket tomorrow no matter what the outcome.  Flip a coin for Pres vs VP slot, and agree to reverse it in 4 years.

    I think a brokered convention would be a disaster, and that is where we are heading.

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    CNN is replaying the debate tonight.  I wonder if that will have any effect?  It is up against the Super Bowl, so probably not.

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    I see CNN is replaying the Thursday Dem debate tonight.  Up against the Super Bowl I know, but it is still good free media for Hillary.

    Speaking of which, I agree that money is not a consideration for either Obama or Clinton at this point.

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    Obama is not making a very good case for himself as VP pick by putting out negative ads against her.  He is giving her a very good excuse not to pick him - why should she feel obligated to have him as VP if he does not support universal health care?

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    I thought this was true while watching the debate - I'm so stoked to have it be verified in some polls.

    There is no doubt that Obama did a great job with what he has in his arsenal.  But all he really has is his position on a vote that he did not have to cast, and for which he later let Kerry and Edwards off the hook. Clinton clearly dominates in every single other issue, and is "likable enough" to get elected in November. If Obama had been a leader in the Senate the last two years for either getting out of the war or restoring the constitution, as I expected him to be when he got elected, I would be 100% behind him. As it is, his positions are so similar to Clinton's that I prefer her experience.

    I also noticed that even the radio hosts that are self-identified as pro-Obama, such as Cenk Uygar and Ed Shultz, were honest enough to say that they at least both did well.  If they had thought for a minute that Obama had gotten a bounce out of that debate they would have been crowing about it, like they do his speeches.

    Either of these two can beat McCain in November.

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    I've gotta believe that the candidates' internal polling is not showing much movement either, or they would be leaking them!

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    I know, I guess I was unclear.  I meant that if I switched to Obama, then I would be on the opposite side of RFK's kids, and I don't want that either!  What's an old liberal to do these days?

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    I have been a strong Clinton supporter, but I hope this is settled soon one way or the other.  I hate feeling at odds with my comrades in arms.  Since when was I in the minority on Move-On.org questions -  I've been a member since the inception!  Or on the opposite side of Ted Kennedy? It is freaking me out.  I know Obama supporters would say I'm just on the wrong side, but I sure never thought I'd be opposing RFK Jr., John Lewis,  or Maxine Waters either.  

    These are two solid progressive candidates and I look forward to a great general election season with the whole team in place.

    So in my obsessive poll checking this weekend I am looking for strong movement one way or the other.  I seeing Hillary make up a slight amount of ground, but too soon to tell, especially because of the early voting in California.

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    I know, I'm hooked too.  I never thought I'd be one of  'those people'.

  • This was almost exactly Kerry's rationale for his endorsement of Obama, as he explained it on one of the Sunday talk shows the week of his endorsement.

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    Clinton led DNC?  That is a good one.  Howard Dean runs the DNC, and he is no friend of Clinton.


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