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    Good analysis Jerome. I think Independents truly want to get beyond the identity politics.  Anyting Obama does too indicate sympathy with those who play the race card will cost him Independent voters. He may htink he can bring in enough new voters to make up the difference.

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    I think they should do this - and also agree explicitly to swap the Pres and VP spots in 2012.  This would give Obama a faster track to the presidency and acknowledge him as the future leader. I can't see him wanting to be VP for 8 years.  He is more restless than that, as he admits.  I'm a Clinton supporter and want her to be pres first because I think she is best equipped to fix some of our problems, mainly getting out of Iraq, but after that I think she should give up that second term in the top job for the sake of the future of the party and the country.

    *Pardon me if this posts twice - it did not post so I think I made a mistake the first time.

  • You are right about one thing - I couldn't care less about what any minister says, anywhere, anytime, on any subject. I do not give them extra credence for being a minister.

    One thing I do care about is winning the White House in November. Anything that makes that less likely concerns me. I'm glad to see Obama is also taking to the airwaves to fix this, not relying on HuffPo. And I guess if he says the words 'I was in a Christian church' enough, maybe it will help in some way.  Who knows. Sigh.  I hate this kind of politics.

  • Sorry, I thought we were talking about settling it, not outdoing the noise machine with something else. Can't wait to see what you have planned!

  • Well, I guess that is one way to look at it.  But if that is what Obama is counting on saving him on this...heaven help us.

  • We're not talking about rational voters. Obama needs to stop running against Hillary and start running against McCain.  His base is not raitonal.  We're looking at 8 months of this Wright guy in every ad.  Obama needs to go way more public than HuffPo and explain how he got involved with him in the first place.

  • Ha!  You think the rightie noise machine is going to back down because of some post on HuffPo?  

    Dream on.

  • not this night.  He lost me months ago with his smug attitude and distortion of facts.

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    In case you missed the 10pm EST version of Hardball:  Barack's stump speech needs tailoring to Pennsylvania.  Here's how he can do it - make it more like Hillary's.  He's not giving a speech tonight, so let's reminisce about how great his other speeches have made us feel.  Why on earth are Hillary's voters so mad at Barack?  Must be all her negative campaigning.

    One thing I can agree with though - Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar.

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    I think it's official - Hardball is now an official arm of the Obama campaign.  Matthews and Fineman gave advice on how he can win Penn and knock out Hillary, and pledged to listen for her racial  'dog whistles'.  The 3am ad was really about Willie Horton.

    I give up.

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    It's not bad, it's just not truly building the party.  Are those people now really Democrats, or do they jsu tlike Obama? What if Obama decides to leave the party, or gets hit by a bus?  

    Only time will tell if he is really expanding the party.

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    These guys were just waiting for  excuse to jump on the bandwagon with their cool young friends.  If Hillary were winning right now she could say anything and they would not care.  If it hadn't been this comment from Hillary Clinton, it would have been the next thing out of Bill's mouth.  Just shoot me if I start to respect  campaign advice from Gary Hart and John Kerry.

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    Yes, as a Clinton supporter I am disappointed that her organization failed to see the importance of these small state caucuses and did not have a better strategy for competing in them.  I'm not discounting them at all.  They are costing her the nomination.

    That said, Wyoming will be a 7-5 delgate split, so Obama only nets 2 delegates.  I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.  It does not change the story, which is that the nomination is going to the convention and the Superdelegates. Over to them to judge the value of these small red state wins and their implication for the general election.  

    Who can best win in November against McCain is the only question at this point.

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    The Macedonian government opened its border to refugees the day before  Clinton arrived to meet with government leaders.

    Uh, yes, this is how it is done.  It's called diplomacy. You do the negotiation behind the scenes before sending a high profile leader to visit.  You don't give the other side the honor of a high level visit before you get your diplomatic goals achieved.  Go back and watch her explanation in the last debate.  She described these steps exactly.

    Obama would have marched in there with all pomp and circumstance and then spent a week or a month or six negotiating. We would have looked like idiots.


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