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    I must add - Taylor's points about "the past" are right on target and Hillary needs to work them into her speeches.  And someone better be on my TV making those points before the week is over.

    It really is infuriating - I just object to the "betrayal" charge against Ted Kennedy. That is too easily dismissed as hyperbole

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    To be clear, the first big section you quote is the statement from NY NOW.  I only point that out because Taylor Marsh takes enough of a beating in the blogs, and the NOW statement is, in my judgement (and I believe hers), a tad overheated.

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    The only way they will NOT be seated is if Obama is leading by a close enough margin that it would matter.  If the leader going into the convention is out ahead by a wide margin, these delegates will be seated as a show of unity.  If Hillary is ahead by a close margin, likewise.  If Obama is ahead by a close margin, of course he will not do the parliamentary things necessary to have them seated.  That is the only reason it matters.  Clinton could tell him that she will not make a big stink about it if he agrees to some face-saving platform changes, appoints Bill to the U.N., or whatever she decides she wants.  She could not be a king-maker, but she could be relevant. That is what she is telegraphing now - that even if she loses the nomination she is going to be relevant at the convention.

    As a Florida resident, I fervently disagree with the notion that we can't make an informed choice here just because we have not seen the candidates in our living rooms, high school gyms, and diners, nor have we been barraged by their ads (except Obama's, by the way, which I saw yesterday). The vote tomorrow may only be a beauty contest, but it is valid for what it is.  Obama wants to claim he has no name recognition here - that is absurd.

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    Agree - very anti-Hillary.  Sometimes if you look real hard you can find a pro-Hillary opinion piece, but not very often.  I always psych myself up when I click to that pag bcasue I know I'm going to see something like the headline today.

    By the way, I hope that headline has a backlash.  My first thought was 'What has Obama actually done that puts him in the same league with JFK and RFK?'  Puh-lease.

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    Talk about triangulation:

    Republicans are mad at McCain because he works with Kennedy on immigration.  Who does the right hate as much as Hillary? Ted Kennedy. Obama's general election rationale is that he can beat Republicans better than Hillary. Then he trumpets a Kennedy endorsement. I guess he is betting that the right will still not come out in droves for McCain.

    It is easy to understand what politicians like Kennedy and Kerry get out of standing wth Obama - who would not want the reflected adulation of those crowds this fall? But I'm not sure this is going to be so great for Obama in the long run or even the short run.

    Anyway, this is all very interesting...

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    I agree with your assessment, but it does not mean that calling attention to the situation is futile on HRC's part.  She will get a lot of publicity out of it Tuesday night, thus owning a newscycle just a week away from Feb. 5.  Also, if Obama is the nominee by the margin of difference of the FL and MI delegates, she is in a good position to extract some concessions from him at the convention, like true universal health care, a commission to study Social Security, instead of him making the decision himself, and other things that mean a lot to her supporters and would keep her a force in the Dem party going forward.  As usual, she is thinking way ahead of everybody else.

  • Slumgate!  Best scandal name ever!!!!

    uh-oh though... the dogwhistle police will be after you.


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