ATTN: Hillary Supporters - Please call Obama on Health

The Premise:

1)    One of the most passionate arguments made for Hillary over Obama was the idea that she would be better on health care reform.

2)    Millions of Hillary supporters - almost all of them - ultimately voted for Obama.

3)    Obama (in my opinion) needs a hard push towards being much more aggressive with arrogantly corrupt, corporate-owned democratic senators like Baucus, Landrieu, Feinstein, Lieberman, Conrad et al.

4)    People who voted for Obama after passionately supporting Hillary are in an ideal position to give him that hard push.

5)    Whitehouse:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington DC 20500

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Search Bombing McCain 2.0

Anyone with an internet connection can help implement Chris Bowers' brilliant plan for getting the ugly truth about John McCain to show up at the top of search engine pages.

But even more effective is to add your own page on your own website. For example, here's a John McCain link site that I made: asp?page=johnmccain.htm

  1. click on the link
  2. click on each link on that page
  3. do it every day from as many computers as you have access to
  4. get your friends to do the same

Click for Obama!

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If you study history - recent Iraqi history for example - bitterness - and extreme bitterness leading to violence - stems primarily from poor living conditions. Iraq has no power most of the time; no reliable law enforcement; and very little gainful employment. The result is bitterness, civil war between competing ethnic and religious groups, violent militias, etc.

The inner cities of many parts of the United States are already like this. Gangs and drug dealers are analogous to militias. It's now spreading to the suburbs and rural areas as a direct result of the war against the middle class - and if you don't get that it's a war, you're most certainly an elitist. This war, based on outsourcing, union busting and corporate deregulation, began in earnest under Reagan, only slowed down somewhat under Clinton and lurched into turbo-drive under Bush II.

If you don't get this, you are an elitist. Splash some cold water on your faces and snap out of it. When your own life is good enough that you can engage in philosophy and creature comforts, but you don't understand the extent to which others are suffering, you are an elitist. Marie Antoinette was the classic elitist. When told that the people had no bread, she said "let them eat cake."

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