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    There - I said it. I was a diehard Obama supporter and I spent a lot of time here debating in 2008.

    I apologize. Hillary could not have been worse than this. If she challenges in 2012 I'll vote for her.

    The failure to use reconciliation and the existence of Rahm Emanuel are the last straws. I'm done.

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    blanket Maine with this ad


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    with the Lt. Gov. being inaugurated at the end of the month

    http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/ 07/in-big-shocker-palin-resigns-as-gover nor.php?ref=fpa

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    No Settlement Freeze - No More Aid

    It's a no-brainer. Too bad our leaders have no brains.

  • I wish you were a California senator

  • who, after having been beaten up by the cat at an early age, has grown into a Great Dane and is still afraid of the wizened old feline. He still thinks he's a first term senator.

    He needs to take one of these crooks, preferably Baucus, and beat him into a bloody pulp and then look around at the rest of them ask who else wants a piece of him. Right now the democratic senators line up every morning to steal Obama's lunch money. Until he starts acting like the most powerful man in the world, pathetic little weasels like Diane Feinstein will continue to kick him around.

  • and call him whenever I think I can risk raising my blood pressure that much. Also Wyden, Carper, Schumer et al.

    Today is the first day I've turned my sights on Grassley - based on his macaca moment on twitter, which made me realize that he's a Republican in a state that Obama won by, literally, a landslide.

    I've heard people say this is because of corn or ethanol or something like that, but my gut tells me that Iowans probably also have medical insurance bills, and something tells me that the health insurers are screwing them just as badly as they're screwing the rest of us.

    Bush 41 was "unbeatable" this far before the 1992 election. This idea that Grassley is a shoe-in if he obstructs health care reform is naïve - if he becomes linked to health insurance corruption and the rage level goes up another notch he could be swept out of office easily. Look what's happened to Dodd over his scandal.

  • went to Obama by 10 points?

    With a Ned Lamont-like avananche of out-of-state contributions against him?

    Against Tom Vilsack?

  • Dear Senator Grassley


      1. Obama carried your state by 10%

      2. The people who donated 100 million to Obama can contribute to your next opponent even if they don't live in Iowa

      3. You're getting free government healthcare on our dime while you work 24/7 to screw us out of ours

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    It was Janey who convinced the NYT not to delay the wiretap story until after the 2004 election.

    http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archive s/2009/04/must_read_5.php

    both are guilty of treason and various other felonies

  • That's all I could think about during the whole Prop. 8 campaign. I've voted in CA all my life and quite a few initiatives have required 2/3rds. I couldn't believe that Prop 8 would only require 51% and now it looks like that's going to get it struck down.

    I mean, if it's 51%, let's pass an initiative that Republicans don't get to vote!

  • It's not just evangelicals. Almost everyone over 40 was conditioned by society to believe that homosexuality was as much perversion as pedophilia. It sounds ridiculous in 2008 but that's exactly what society overwhelming beat into our heads. I was raised liberal, urban and non-religious and taught from day 1 that racial prejudice was the worst form of evil, but it didn't even occur to anyone back then that gay prejudice is exactly the same thing.

    If you're under 40, you need to understand this.

    The older enemies of gay civil rights (which is most of them) are much more than just stupid or mean - they're deeply, profoundly fucked up and they're scared to death. They've been conditioned to be horrified of homosexuality and now suddenly they've been thrust into a world where it's the homophobics who are considered to be perverts. And at least 10% of them are themselves gay and have spent their whole lives denying it.

    It's not just that they believe some nonsense in the Bible - it's that they need serious psychotherapy. This particular battle needs to be fought with a better understanding of the enemy. We're not simply asking them to stop being assholes and start being fair. We're asking them to come to grips with some major inner demons.

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    Great post.

    Let's step back and look at Warren in the broader context of gay liberation.

    In my lifetime, I have seen being gay go from being absolutely taboo to being normal and cool for a vast percentage of Americans. The trend is absolutely irreversible. The best example is television. Take the program "The Office". The gay character is completely sympathetic and homophobia is almost viciously ridiculed at every opportunity.

    We've reached a tipping point. Even closet homophobics now realize that to act homophobically is to subject oneself to ridicule and to create the impression of being a likely closeted gay in denial like Haggard, Foley, Craig et al.

    The problem is that there are still a lot of people who by virtue of their upbringing are literally terrified of homosexuality, as represented by Warren's constituency.

    I was a teenager in the 70s and thus older than most here. I can only try to explain what it was like then. Nobody admitted to being gay and everyone was deeply horrified of either discovering themselves to be gay or having someone else discover it or suspect it. I don't even want to think of how many suicides resulted from this.

    As recently as Season 1 of Six Feet Under, I myself had to look away when the two guys kissed. Somewhere around season 2 I realized that I had finally snapped out of it - I was no longer watching a "gay" relationship - instead I was just watching a normal romantic relationship and relating to David and Keith in the same way I related to Nate and Brenda. There are still a huge amount of people, especially in rural areas, who have not gone through that metamorphosis and who are still profoundly screwed up on the topic. Many would need serious therapy to deal with the inner angst the topic brings up for them. It's not a voluntary thing. It's a "phobia" ... like being irrationally afraid of snakes or whatever. It's irrational, but they can't immediately stop it and it causes them to do bad things (like vote for unconstitutional ballot initiatives!)

    In a generation or two they'll die off and be replaced by people who didn't grow up in the intensely and universally homophobic world that existed until ... jeez ... at least the 90s I'd say. At some level, as dangerously evil as these people seem, you have to feel sorry for them because they're locked into this intense fear of homosexuality and have been thrown into a world where that's become inappropriate. They need help, and if Obama and Warren and Melissa Ethridge can somehow help defuse the issue for them, that would be a good thing. It's easy to hate them, especially when they vote for Prop. 8 and engage in other crimes against civil rights, but I think many younger people don't realize how deeply fucked up and heavily indoctrinated these people are. It's been beaten into them from birth. This is why I think television, movies, celebrities, etc. are so important in the de-brainwashing process.

    So as long as Obama makes the right judicial appointments and signs the right bills, I'm for cutting him as much slack as possible in trying to "include" these stunted individuals. It's more than just stupidity or prejudice that they suffer from. It's some deeply Freudian shit.


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