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    Gov. Strickland stands by what he believes in.  I think that is very respectable.  As far as VP goes, I think it is clear that he really really really does not want that. Just leave the man alone.  

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    A hint: racism and hate crimes go both ways.

    BPK:  I hope you recover soon.  It is such a shame things like this will happen to anyone.

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    This is a good point, but I think it is sad though if people's decision was based on style rather than substance...

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    Thanks for putting in words what I had felt.  One of the reasons I admire Hillary so much is that the democrats (even those democrats who dislike or hate her) may have different opinions about her, but from the very beginning almost [b]everyone of them - even some of the most fervent BO supporters here on mydd[/b] had always been certain that she would work just as hard on the issues that are important to her no matter what became the result of this primary. To me, this says most about her character, her commitment to this country and to the causes she believes in. I cannot say how proud I am as a HRC supporter.

  • Hey!  She is not a mean white lady!

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    You were right in that margin of error is for use in stats, but it is loosely used here to refer to the remaining uncertainties - for example MI FL can be seated, SD can jump ships.  So far, the SD changing their minds has worked to Mr. Obama's favor, why not let the progress works itself out?!  For one thing, if BO ends with an overwhelming margin of victory over HRC when the whole thing ends, he will be in a much better position. If when all dust settles and BO came out the clear winner by all means, don't you think he is in a better position for calling party unity etc?

    I think calling the race to end before its natural course is actually doing BO a disservice - he will have a hard time appealing to about half of the dem population that he is the rightful candidate.   I just don't understand the rush to get Hillary out of the race, especially when the race is so close to the end.  I am not afraid that my candidate may lose but I want to support her through the race because I genuinely think she is the most qualified candidate.  It is a shame that so many people are trying to shut her up.  

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    It is a tie because the race has not ended and the differences are still within the margin of error.  I didn't need knowledge in Differential Equation to say that you cannot make a final conclusion until you know all the variables.  The odds are in Mr. Obama's favor, but the race is not over yet. That was my point.

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    Yeah, it's just like a football game!

    First Half:
    Obama 28
    Clinton 14

    Second Half:
    Clinton 21
    Obama 7

    Clearly, since Clinton won the second half, she should be the nominee, right?  Never mind that she still got outscored.

    Keep on moving those goalposts, alegre.

    It is not that you have problem with simplest math (28 + 7 = 14 + 21).  It is a clear fact that they are tied and the contest needs to go now.  I respect that your conscience is clear enough that you didn't make up the math to support a false argument.  

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    Thank you Todd for the level-headed comment!  I can't believe that her words are being parsed to this extent. I, for one, believe that there is nothing malicious in her comments especially taken into consideration the context of the interview.

    Still, she apologized and we should move on!

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    No. I don't protect Hillary.  She is smart, compassionate and resilient. I am way too young and to baby her. In fact, she is so tough and works so hard that she inspire me to be stronger and better in everything I do.  

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    I think, in those elections you named, the results of caucus and primary for the same state largely agreed with each other, unlike the drastic differences we have observed here.

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    I think the double standard is appalling.  Hillary Clinton has been actively involved with work aimed to improve the AA community and other under-privileged communities for years.  There is no reason why anyone should suggest otherwise.  Should her effort be deemed as less sincere just because she is white?  Why did the AA communities - including some SDs - overwhelmingly changed their votes in spite of their knowledge of her commitment and her past work to go for someone who is relatively unknown to them?  Can you think of any reason other than the fact that Mr. Obama is black?

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    I think Hillary should and indeed had said things along the line, but what about Obama saying "I don't want you to vote for me because I am black?" It really goes both ways.

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    Make all the changes for the 2016 election.
    In the meantime don't change the rules in the middle of the game

    You mean "make all the changes in 2012" when everybody has realized what they could have done in 2008, right?

    I just don't understand, in the states (except Texas) where both primary and caucus were helpd, why should the delegates be divided according to the result of caucus?

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    But for me, I was just scared. I was scared of Clinton going negative, which I knew she would. I was scared that she would find something, possibly by accident, that would stick to Obama and permanently damage his candidacy. I was scared that he would become just another politician, dragged into the mud. I was scared that Obama wouldn't be able to handle it. That he had a glass jaw when it came to the irrational, racist, ludicrous attacks the republicans would throw at him.

    Wow, this is a bit dramatic. And I think you are being too protective.  For Pete's sake, you are electing a POTUS not trying to take care of a delicate child!


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