Tonight's debate may have scored some points for Hillary Clinton , but I was insulted and infuriated. Whether or not the Media and the American people would be concerned about HIV/AIDS among African American women it would be addressed more if they were White women, does not address this serious issue and I am disgusted that Hillary addressed it as cheaply as she did.

It's called race/gender baiting and this African American female was not impressed. I think , one of the mistakes that Hillary and some of the other white candidates continue to make, is underestimating our intelligence to know the difference between a race baiting panderer and someone who is genuinely concerned about the Black community. They think they can fake a black accent and mimic some in the Black community, and assume that they are relating to us as a people. It's beyond fake. It's offensive and insulting and I have had it with Hillary doing this. It may work on older uneducated Blacks who are still under the impression that ALL of their problems are related to the White man keeping them down, but it doesn't work on me. I am part of a new generation of Blacks and I don't blame the "White Man" for everything. Some things are , gasp , actually my own peoples fault. If Hillary really cared she would have addressed the actual problem. AIDS among African American women.

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Underestimating The Southern White Male Vote


I have heard some really enraging arguments about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with respect to the Southern White Male Vote that I just don't buy. But, instead of respond calmly and logically, I let the emotions shaped and nurtured by my life time experience as an American Female and an American Black , rule the day. I have dismissed all arguments as retarded, racists, sexists, trollish, idiotic, generational stupidity, fear mongering, race baiting, jim crowism, dixiecratic, male chauvinist, white supremacists, stuck in the 50's......sigh........, old fartish, senseless, gender bias, bigotry, foolish, uncle tomish, sell-outish, ill-strategic, kkkish, republicanism, old southish, hickish, confederated and if I missed a few, I'm sure someone , I've angered will let me know.

In any event, I looked at the argument again and I thought about it. I think I can finally explain my opposition without name calling.

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Here's My Hypothetical Question

Here's what I have been trying to figure out in light of all this talk of a Bloomberg Independent Candidacy.

If the race were held today and the candidates were;

Democrats: Hillary/Vilsack

Republicans: Romney/Hagel

Independents: Bloomberg/Powell

Which party would you vote for?

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Interesting Take On Obama/Clinton Memo Hoopla!

Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune has an interesting take on the fake scandal and criticism against Barack Obama over the Obama Campaigns flop. For the record, I am not disappointed that the Clinton's were called out on their unethical ties and outsourcing of American jobs, I am upset that the OR Department got caught. In any event, I also, agree with many of the points written in Eric's article. It's a rebuttal of sorts.

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Dear John ( Open Letter To Senator John Edwards )

Cross Posted From DNCPB

John Edwards,

I would like to share a link with you that quotes some statements you made in Iowa. I would like for you to first, verify, whether or not you made these comments as I know how easily the MSM can misquote a Democratic Candidate. Next, if you did make these comments, I am asking you to clarify what you meant by them and either confirm or deny that you meant them exactly as they were perceived by the commenter's who responded to the story. I look forward to some type of statement. I do not believe that you will remain silent in responding because , as you have stated before, "silence is betrayal". So, please take a look at the link. I will refrain from adding my two cents untill after YOU, not Tracy, not Mudcat, not your supporters, but YOU clarify these comments.

Thank you,

D.Roberts 007/06/18/228682.aspx?CommentPosted=true #commentmessage

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You People Are Funny

One minuet, I'm reading all these complaints that Obama isn't attacking Hillary Clinton enough and that he shouldn't be trying to play it safe with her. So many complaints about how he's not going after her like he should. His whole "clean campaign theory should be dumped and he should fight for the nomination. Maybe he's not because he's running for VP bla bla bla...... Then I read the "Memo Scandal" and now everyone is just so ticked off that Obama is going after Hillary and beating her at her own game and how this is just so wrong. Shame on Obama. He's not following his own rules of clean campaigning. I thought he was different. So much for opposing politics as usual bla bla bla...... All this coming from the SAME people. I think it's funny. I really do.

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How REAL Obama Supporters Feel

The following citizen ad may not get 50,000 hits in 24 hours because there are no trashy whores in it, but it represents how REAL Obama Supporters feel about Barack Obama. It's not about a CRUSH on Obama or disrespecting his wife. It's about a vision for America.

Please enjoy and have a great weekend. _o

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Someones Knocking At Your Door...And They Ain't Mormons

Someone may be knocking on your door today. Don't be alarmed. They are just supporters of Illinois Senator Barack Obama for president 2008 and they are coming to tell you all about him and answer your questions. 609video

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Here's My Take on Tonight's Democratic Debate (Top Tier Only) I'm not wasting my time on the Circus that accompanies them anymore.

1. Hillary Clinton maintained a calm and engaging disposition. Displayed a lot of fake laughter as she made a concerted effort to appear like one of us which is important considering for her, that her party faithfulness has been brought in to question regarding the Iraq war. She tried to put to rest those fears by using the old partisan us (Democrats) versus them (Republicans) rhetoric. She, once again, managed to slip by unscathed while Barack Obama did most of the frontrunner fighting. She just stood there scoffing at Edwards and nodding at Obama and Biden. I did like when she butted in and told Wolf Blitzer that we (Dems) are not going to sit up here and answer a bunch a hypothetical questions. The crowd loved it too.

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Barack Obama Is Not An Anti-War Democrat

"I don't oppose all wars ....what I do oppose, is a dumb war" ~ Barack Obama 2002

I have been reading some chatter in the "internets" regarding Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama's overall position on war. There is confusion among some, who have not taken out the time to research any of the candidates, as to whether or not the progressive democratic senator is or is not an anti-war candidate, like Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are. On the one hand, he was out there loud and clear in his opposition to the war in Iraq. He even went against the advice of others who told him it was political suicide, trying to run for the United States Senate opposing a war that the majority of the nation supported at the time. Well, he did oppose the war and he still won his Senate Race. However, he voted to fund the troops which are actions believed to only be done by those who support the war. I would like to help clear up some of the confusion on why that is not the case. Please continue below to learn why I believe, Barack Obama is neither an Anti-War, nor a Pro-War Democrat.

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