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    I came to Biden only through the realization that this is already the dirtiest GOP campaign in history (and that's saying a lot) and Obama needs someone who can help him fight it more than any other consideration.

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    McPaleface would be crazy to mate with a tanned hunk like Romney who makes him look by comparison like death warmed over.

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    Don't McNut's fundies think Romney is a devil worshipper?

    I'm guessing it will be Joementum -- who will instantly become anti-choice. It would take 18 hours of surgery to unjoin them anyway.

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    I've avoided up till now of naming a favorite (I don't have one) or guessing who will be chosen. But with McSmear diving deeper into the sewer with each passing day, I think Obama's prime consideration is someone who can cover his back and be a surrogate to hurl the garbage back into McSmears face.

    And Biden fits that job description better than any I can think of. He had the disadvantage of having voted to invade Iraq along with McSame, but with the Bushit Regime about to announce a deal with Iraq that includes a timeline for withdrawl, Iraq will become a secondary issue anyway -- except that Obama will be able to say, "I told ya so -- yet again."

    So bring on the shit McMud, and Obama will have just the person to make you eat it yourself.

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    He's also reportedly doing a Rezko ad.

    So McSmear is putting all the flat tires from the Democratic primary onto his wagon? Cool!

  • McCain is preparing a Rezko ad

    Dishonest John reinvents the flat tire.

  • Yes. McSmear should be invited to revisit all of the attacks that have already failed.

  • If McBush wants to associate himself with Kennedy,  Kerry, and Soros, I heartily invite him to. His base will love it, dontcha think?

  • "Here's the thing: John McCain gave a great deal to his country, and no one -- including his campaign -- should diminish that."

    Most people who hear it won't think beyond the praise. So just don't do it.

    Just say, "McCrutch diminishes his own record by using it as an excuse for everything voters don't like about him."

    As for swiftboating him, that was tongue in cheek. But of course it would need to be done by an outside group -- as the GOP will do to Obama when they target racial bigots for real.

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    "Here's the thing: John McCain gave a great deal to his country, and no one -- including his campaign -- should diminish that."

    Quit caveating criticism with praise. It's the one thing Obama does that pisses me off. Let McPOW tell his own friggin' war stories.

    Or better yet -- take a page out of the GOP playbook and swiftboat him with it. It wouldn't take much to make some people think McCrazy lost his marbles over there.

  • And there is no burden to rebut conjecture.

    This bad excuse for a conversation is at an end.

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    When the convention starts you'll see plenty of attacking.

    And Obama has been hitting back and taking the offensive.

    But it should be remembered, or learned, that McBush's nonstop attacks of recent weeks are a sign of desperation on his part which, according to most polls, have brought him only marginal gains.

  • Made up stuff doesn't count as facts.

    I think you're just one of those people who absorbs propaganda like a sponge and then squeezes it back out on demand. You'll be denouncing Obama (even as you support him ) next, based on what you read on blogs.

  • Olbermann is a partisan Obama supporter.

    Which is why he did a special comment condemning Obama's FISA vote?

  • You simply described what you yourself were doing. Blowing hard without any fact or logic to back it up.

    But if you can demonstrate in any way that Olbermann plays "fast and loose with logic and fact" your accusation will gain  credibility.

    I won't deny that he provides logical context to the facts he presents.


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