Barack got his mojo back

Today the Obama campaign has released a new television spot hitting back on the gas tax holiday nonsense being pushed by the other campaigns and I have to say amen! Barack Obama got his mojo back. This is exactly why I support him and why I changed my lifelong registration as an Independent to Democrat to vote for him and why I convinced my dad to do the same. The Washington game must end. The country can not afford to let it continue.

Obama supporters it's been a tough two months. We've seen our candidate under relentless assault from all the Republicans and half his own party including a former President, a turn of events never seen in primary contests before. We saw Barack stumble a bit and get dragged down into the mud pit. I know I've done more then my share of yelling at the television over the last week as the media has bought into the spin of the Clinton campaign.

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Independent no longer

As usually happens in these situations we are told that now, finally, people will take a second look at Barack Obama, as if we all suffer from some mass delusion and will suddenly realize that we have been duped. As it happens I have been thinking about that a bit lately as I tried to form an answer for this initiative by the Obama campaign to allow supporters to let superdelegates know why they support the Senator.

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