McCain and Real Wealth Redistribution

The main reason I'm a Democrat is that Republicans have a sorry record on education.  I'm a teacher candidate at the University of West Georgia and teaching has been a passion of mine for a long time now.  With all this talk about Sen. Obama's "wealth redistribution" tax plan I can't help but think of Sen. McCain's own plan to redistribute wealth:  vouchers.  Vouchers are when the government gives YOUR tax dollars to someone so they can go to a private school, completely unaccountable to you, the taxpayer.  While this is just one of the many flaws of No Child Left Behind (which Sens. McCain and Chambliss support) it's obnoxiously hypocritical for someone to complain about wealth redistribution while at the same time supporting vouchers.

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Obama vs. Focus on the Family Part 1

Yesterday Focus on the Family began a video series responding to a speech that Sen. Obama gave two years ago.  Focus on the Family's Kim Trobee says that during the speech Sen. Obama took aim at Dr. Dobson.  The phrase "took aim" implies a negative attack.  I haven't seen Sen. Obama's whole speech, but if there was a part where he "took aim" at Dr. Dobson, you would think Focus would want to show that part to support their argument.  Here is the video on their website: /A000007680.cfm You decide for yourself if the senator is "taking aim" at Dr. Dobson:

So what evidence does Tom Minnery cite in his dissection?  That Obama claims America is an atheist, buddhist, and hindu nation.  To refute this, he cites a statistic from a Pew survey conducted last year:  seventy-six percent of Americans claim to be Christians.  I was never good at math, but I think that leaves about twenty-four percent of Americans who are not Christians.  If these Christians are not Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and non-believers as Sen. Obama suggests, then what are they Mr. Minnery?  Zoroastrian?  Confucian?  Taoist?

Mr. Minnery's second point is that Sen. Obama compared Dr. Dobson to Rev. Sharpton.  He makes this point right after playing a clip showing Sen. Obama doing no such thing.  What Sen. Obama did, was in fact, a contrast between the two.  Mr. Minnery could've easily used this to his advantage by just answering Sen. Obama's question by saying "Well the correct answer to the senator's question is Dr. Dobson's Christianity because of X, Y, and Z." He could've made Dr. Dobson's case to his viewers and asked Sen. Obama to respond.  Instead, he accused the senator of comparing Dr. Dobson's version and Rev. Sharpton's version, when Sen. Obama made it clear that they were two contrasting views.  

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