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    ...all those media pundits who wondered why in the world Democrats supported CT-Sen nominee Ned Lamont over Dem-primary-loser-turned-third-party-can didate Joe Lieberman?  They accused us of "purging" him from the party.  I guess when it's a Republican though, it's "the retribution of the voters."

  • Nah, he won't kick them out of the Republican Party.  He's been pandering to them too much as of late.

    But since you brought up McCain-Feingold....

    I'm still waiting on someone to throw this question at Sen. McCain:

    "If the strict-constructionist judges you appoint overturn McCain-Feingold, will you push for a constitutional amendment to protect it from these activists who are legislating from the bench?"

  • But former GA Rep. Bob Barr's views on social issues are closer to Dr. Dobson's than Sen. McCain's views, so it wouldn't surprise me if Dr. Dobson endorsed Rep. Barr.  Dr. Dobson will make sure the social conservatives turn out.  Not as much as in 2004, and not as much as progressives will turn out for Sen. Obama, but they will still vote and if they vote for Rep. Barr then it could swing several states, including my home state of Georgia, to blue.

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    Andrews supported the extension.  

    http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2008/roll054. xml  

    Not that I think he would make a better Senator than Lautenberg.  I'm just saying.  


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