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    I have no problem being called a liberal, or a progressive.  It puts me at odds with a lot of people in this neck of the woods.

    I also have observed that as more of these same people became disillusioned with Bush, the Economy, the war, and all of the many other things that is slowly turning their lives upside down and propelling them to serfdom, these people are asking me for my political opinions more & more, and they're listening.  

  • Look Here the link is below the names to a pdf file.

  • This too, is a campaign point to marry McCain to Bush and Bash the Repugs for being corrupt by not having a quorum on the FEC.

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    It looks to me Jerome, that Hillary Clinton is now succeeding at the expense of the Democratic Party.  

    She has now turned this contest from 'who is better' into a Civil War.

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    Not only are home prices down 10%, but to get into a house now requires a 60% down payment.   Can you say 'liquidity crisis' and how about 'run on the banks'

    Gee, thanks Republicans for really screwing the pooch like it was 1929.

  • Answer: Not this far out, it's more important to look at the trend of the poll.  It shows Obama clawing his way back up after the hit he took from the Wright video.  I like the Rasmussen tracking poll, it's a four day moving average.  More accurate for tracking 'events' and their comeback (or non-comeback).

  • yeah, Mark Penn, the strategic mistake.

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    I think that the race issue has been in the back of our minds for a long time now. How would Obama handle it?  He handled it with a stunningly beautiful speech.  

    We now have a benchmark and a framework for (going after) the future racist attacks (they will come).  This has happened early enough in the season that it can energize and inform the base for the response yet doesn't come up on the radar of the low information voters for the general election.

    Future response to these attacks needs to be swift, sure and coming from many quarters, the pieces are now in place.  

    In short, the planned October surprise from the racist crowd has been blunted.  It will be that much harder for anything else like the Wright tape to gain traction with the MSM, they already have the Obama response in the can.

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    A) Right now, Obama looks to be ahead in both the popular vote and the pledged delegate count.

    B) MI & FL goes to the Credentials committee if they can't come up with an acceptable alternative plan.  At this point it looks like Obama's Campaign will control the committee.  (MI looks like it will, FL continues its reputation of screwing it up.)

    C) CW has MI going for Obama, FL for Clinton.  But what if MI is in and FL is out? (or at least at the mercy of the credentials committee.)

    D) These Campaigns represent the embodiment of the two views of the party:

         (1) The old traditional 'states that matter' strategy. This is where the Democratic party machines are entrenched and have been Hillary supporters from before the start of campaigning.

         (2) The Dean inspired '50 state strategy'. Which seems to be where Barack is strongest, inspiring an approximate 2:1 turnout in favor of Democrats in all of the states that win the Republicans the election.

  • until Hillary started winning
    Actually, She was the CW presumptive favorite until Obama won Iowa.
    The DNC tilted the playing field as far to Obama
    No, Get it straight: MI and FL screwed themselves by ignoring the warnings of the DNC and moving their primaries into the early window looking for campaign money and influence. They got greedy.  If they had bothered to follow the DNC procedure to get into the early window they might have made it into the early period.  They didn't even apply.
    ...he is a weak candidate. Even with all the help and money in the world he hasn't been able to put Hillary away.
    Neither is a weak candidate (look at the bucks they're bringing in). However, this is really a battle between the 'old guard' democrats with their battleground states and 'states that matter' strategy versus the new progressive democrats pursuing a 50 state strategy.
    The DNC allowed IA, NH, and SC to skate
    Because these three states were in the sanctioned pre Feb 5 window.
    The DNC should just revert to its automatic sanctions and not Donna Brazille's draconian ones.
    Actually, it now falls to the credential committee to allow the MI & FL delegates or not.  whichever campaign is ahead in pledged delegates gets to have the majority of committee members, guess who that is.  Now do you understand why MI & FL are desperate to get back into this contest in some way? They thought they could be kingmakers by ignoring the DNC and have managed to make themselves into the court jesters by THEIR GREED.
    Of course this common sense solution nets Hillary more delegates so it is "unfair"
     Obama campaign controls the process with the credentials committee, this is why Hillary is making such an issue about seating & do overs. If MI & FL don't get it right, they'll be seated right after the Presidential Nominee is selected. BTW life isn't fair either, them that control have a tendency to keep it, whichever side it is on.
  • Who won the Ohio Primary in 1960?  Kennedy, Johnson or someone else.

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    Does this mean that if she wins by less then the headline number above it's a defeat?

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    and may there be many more!

  • Is it the leadership or fighting factions that won't lay aside their own agendas at the expense of the Party and therefore undercut the leadership?

  • The Clark county problems are going to lead the news cycle.  We had a relatively smooth convention in Reno. I'm sure that the other counties had good conventions, but the media is going to focus on the Clark problems.


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