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    Of Course he'll go.  In case you haven't figured it out, it's all about Joe.  This is his last chance to retain any vestige of power.  

    Lieberman's an experienced politician, he can figure out that he won't be needed (or leverage himself) as the chair of a Senate committee next year.  His one last straw at retaining Beltway power is a desperate grasp onto McCain's bandwagon.  

    Hope McCain picks him, that WILL be FUN!  

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    dream on.  NOT happening unless Reid runs into a health issue.  Then Rory in Las Vegas is ready to step in.  

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    Obama won Delegates that day 13-12 due to Obama's strength in the North & the rurals.  

    Far too many people think that Nevada=Las Vegas only.  It's a big mistake.

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    'Welcome everyone! Welcome to Fantasy Island!'

    To me, this whole thing is really pathetic reaching to justify why Clinton lost, orchestrated by those who committed the errors.

    Damm, back we're into the public backbiting by Hillary's staff again, now she's really sunk as VP.  The staff can't help but act like the Kilkenny Cats.

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    You have two themes in your post, (A) Obama isn't being aggressive enough and (B) He needs a fighter for VP (someone like Hillary).

    I think that Obama's defensive attitude comes from the fact that he knows that the vast majority of the electorate won't be paying attention until after Labor Day.  Just Dodge the Blows and let McCain wear out the attack dogs on the themes that even we knew were coming.

    By Labor Day McCain will be the proverbial boy who called wolf and no one will listen.  

    I agree, the VP Choice must be a fighter. But also remember 'It's the Economy Stupid!' By November, this economy won't be able to repair itself given the Bushies reluctance to be proactive.  Personally, I like Dodd given his command of economic issues.  He can out maneuver and roll over the Republican talking points on the economy like Patton's Tanks.

  • Although I'm a rabid anti-FISA person, and have withheld my June contribution to the Obama campaign as a manner of protest, I don't think that this is the reason that he is looking at Dodd.  

    I would like to think that Obama is looking at Dodd for his expertise as chair of the Senate Banking committee.  Dodd. Gets. It. On. The. Economy., and the housing crisis.  To paraphrase Jim Cramer,  Dodd understands that he Republican 1849 laissez-faire attitude of the Irish have no potatoes, let them starve, does not fit in today's economy.  

    Hearing Dodd speak on the economic troubles and what he sees needs to be done demonstrated to me that he has a grasp and deep understanding of the breath and depth of the current economic crisis. He also has concrete solutions that can get this country back on the right path.

    I hope that is the reason he is under consideration, not just because of the FISA issue.      

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    Nothing west of the Mississippi???  (Don't try to split hairs with St. Louis, Its on the Mississippi).

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    This is Nuts

    We call on the Senate Democratic Steering Committee to strip Joe Lieberman of his chairmanship and his leadership role.

    Do this before the election & Lieberman will Caucus with the Republicans, Reid will become the Minority Leader in a flash. We loose the (questionable) advantage of setting the agenda, chairmanships of committees, and all of the other perks of being the Majority.

  • This sounds like where you bitch to (a) your Governor (b) your Congressman and (c) your Senators.  

    Get enough people together doing that & they'll get the message to the state legislature, in no uncertain terms.

    Much easier to go after three targets and let the message roll downhill.  

  • My guess is that nothing happens until after the last primary, then the leadership pressures the candidate behind in delegates to drop out & the Supers to support the delegate leader.  

    Way too many people want this to end before the convention.  Right after the last primary is the first best place to do it.

    Oh, and as soon as that happens, MI & FL become non-problems, my guess is that as a condition of being seated, they'll be told who to vote for as determined above in the first ballot.  

    I know, it's not fair, but then MI & FL shouldn't of broken the rules in the first place, whey were warned. They got greedy, now they pay the piper.

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    The 50 state strategy is to have democratic candidates campaign and fight everywhere.  Leave no seat unchallenged.  Every congressional district, every senatorial race, right down to dog catcher.  

    The past strategy has been for the party to focus on 5-6 battleground states and cede the rest to the republicans.  Hence the 'states that matter' theme from the Clinton Camp.

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    If I want to get fired up about something, I go to Daily Kos.  MyDD is the place I go to discuss strategy and tactics of the political process, you know the boring stuff.  

    An Example: What is the impact of net neutrality and how do we mobilize forces, frame the issue, what tactics are the other side employing and all of the other boring little details to make net neutrality a reality.

    MyDD is more of an online war college for democrats. If I really want to understand the background so that I can be a better political opinion leader, I go here.  Then I put it to use with our political leadership.

    After the primary (or about a week after someone drops out) we'll go back to planning to win the election.  Lately the water has been kind of murky.

    Right now, I don't agree with Jerome about a lot of stuff, but it's temporary.  The ultimate goal is a common one, we are just following different paths to get there.

    This does not stop me from checking in daily.

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    Sigh, probably for the best.  I know that neither side has any reason to fold up their tents before June 6th.  But, I look forward to when we can discuss election strategy and tactics again.  

    Jerome, did you know that Olbermann identified MyDD as the Hillary supporting site a few nights ago.

    My guess is that the Supers will be knocked into line shortly after June 6th.  Then someone drops out.  Until then don't expect much peace.

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    Funny,  I used to think that Utah would vote Democratic before Idaho.  After Larry Craig, I'm not so sure, may see it this cycle.

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    The Internet is going to affect this race like no other before it.  There is too much You Tube and viral messaging for the MSM to ignore.   The Obama Campaign has managed to tap into this new metric in a big way.  I believe that it is a large part of the reason that Hillary campaign is playing catch up, she just looked at it as a big 'ole ATM.  

    Obama used it to build grassroots organizations in a whole lot of places, they prospered and then he prospered as the movement he built started buying into the campaign with cold hard earned cash.

    Lesson: ignore the internet at your own peril.  There's way too many people doing the fact checking on every word uttered for lies or exaggerations to pass by un-noticed.  They find them and pounce. Too juicy for the MSM to pass up.


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