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    until, perhaps, It gets mentioned on Olbermann or Maddow, picked up by CNN, and asked at the 2 question daily news conference (it does speak to a division in the Party, just the kind of divisive thing the MSM wants to latch onto to keep the boring economics thing exciting).

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    But unless the MN Supreme Court wants to overturn itself, It's pretty much a slam dunk absolute victory for Franken.  

    Like I said, it's only being delayed by technicalities.  This turd bomb is really in the Illinois Legislature's lap, If they don't do something now, it's probably a done deal & Burris gets seated.

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    Remember what Fitzgerald's announcement regarding the Indictment of Scooter Libby? (Oct. 05)

    To Paraphrase:  If we had made this indictment last October, when we had most of the information except the two reporters I had to toss in jail for a few months.  Then Bush may not have won a second term.

    I just think that Fitzgerald was not taking any more chances of screwing up the country more by making the charges public, albeit prematurely.

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    Taken in order the signals were:
    A) Blago Arrested, investigation made public & Blago bailed out (released O.R.).

    B) Obama says Blago shouldn't appoint successor (although he realizes that he has every right to).

    C) Reid Announces successor won't be seated. (underlying message: call for Illinois legislature to proceed quickly, before Blago does anything).

    D) Illinois legislature meets, does nothing.

    E) Blago Appoints because legislature didn't act, SoS resists.

    F) Burris makes circus trying to be seated with incomplete documents, (compare to Franken, who we all know is the winner).

    G) Senate Delays seating, (until Illinois Supreme Court orders SoS to sign). This gives Illinois legislature second chance at doing the right thing (impeach), otherwise after some ceremonial magic Senate will have to seat Burris.

    H) Obama backs off of hard line (message to Illinois legislature-act now or accept).

    I) Reid backs off of hard line (message to Illinois legislature-act now or accept).

    So, What mixed signals do you see here.

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    Prove It.

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    The Short Answer:  You're Screwed.

    The IL house lost it's chance to stop the madness when they didn't pass an impeachment resolution before Burris was appointed.  As events have proved, despite what he said, Blago appointed someone.  Time for some New Blood in Springfield next cycle. (P.S. The public message at that time from Reid to the Illinois Legislature couldn't have been more clear; Impeach Quickly, we don't want to see a Blago Appointment!)

    Once Burris is seated, then the only ones who can remove him is the Senate.  Quinn is frozen out of an appointment unless the Senate expels Burris.  

    Unfortunately for you, White's signature is mainly a technicality, a formality that only delays, not prevents the act.  If, during this delay the Statehouse acts expeditiously and Impeaches, then that changes the playing field. Burris has already appealed to the State Supreme Court to direct the SoS to sign the document, once that happens it's probably game over.

    I suspect that Burris is not making his case to the people of Illinois because he is getting much more media attention in Washington.  From what I've seen, he seems to thrive on this attention.   For exactly the same reason, I don't see him making a deal either.  Or, promoting good legislation.

    If not the Moral high ground, Burris does seem to have the legal high ground at this point.

    Despite his stellar past record, I'd bet that there are now a few dozen wiretaps on Burris and his associates as part of an 'ongoing investigation' because of his relationship with Blago.  Now, they are both Radioactive. (I'm tired of the word 'taint')

    Too bad for the people of Illinois.  You have my sympathy.  

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    For some real fun try this article over at Congress Matters.  It's a discussion of the rules that can be messed with by the Dems with a simple majority vote only at the beginning of the session (and at no other time). Fun reading.

    A move like this could would tie the R's in knots for awhile.

  • The Gift that just keeps on Giving. :)

  • Josh is still right.

  • ROTFLOL....

    No one insane enough to go against the Reid machine.  Unless they just moved into the state, any possible credible primary challenger 'owes' Reid for something, Republican and Democrat.  Unless there is a very serious misstep or other issue, then there won't be a serious challenge in the primary.

    I see his only realistic challenger as Dean Heller (R,NV-2) and he's an unknown in a state where about 80% of the population is in NV-1 & NV-3.   But Dean is a 'Pretty Boy' candidate, unlikely to stand up to the scrutiny that he'll get in a tough Senate race.  But he'll get loads of financing from Sheldon Adelson and whatever new PAC's he sets up. HE hates all Democrats.

    Besides, Reid has taken every challenge very seriously ever since he almost lost to Ensign in 1998.  428 votes was the margin of victory, a number Reid knows by heart.

  • I understand the Matrix, I still think it's too vague, and besides the good guy wins.

    I'm betting that before this is over, Madoff is going to have the same tinge and notoriety to the Bush Economy that some Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi gave to get rich quick schemes, and just as popular a name for children as Benedict Arnold is.

  • But why are we so hell bent on appointing a Czar (aka Tsar, aka Caesar, aka Dictator) to almost everything in crisis?   It annoys me.

  • Good Start.  I agree with your sentiments, but I'm a wonk.  You don't create a picture that people will empathize with.  It does not hit me in the gut.  Until it does that, it doesn't work, it's intellectual drivel.  I try to frame things to hit my college age employees and grab their attention as politics are the last things on their minds. Let's see if this works better.  

    "During Bush's eight years in office, the rich got richer and fewer, those not rich got poorer and greater. Without proper regulations in place; Greed will Prevail. A lack of oversight, and the will to enforce it allows the rape and pillage not just our economy, but our Constitution and the basic rule of law."

    Without saying it, I think that this re-framed does two things to kick the average listener in the gut: (A) the first statement says that 'unless you are already there, there is no American dream for you.' (b) Without a willingness to regulate fairly, you are Anti-American. Hard for the Republicans to fight unless they admit they're Anti-American (lol).

    During the Kerry campaign, over at DailyKos we had an elevator speech (framing) thread (what do Dems stand for), that came up with some good stuff.  Not only was it fun, but it was educational, we were practicing framing without knowing it.

    I've sensed that we are focusing on our own issues again and loosing the ability to frame the issues and push the movement froward.  I know the Republicans are already ahead of us on this, the success of Prop 8 shows it; Their frame was it's a gay (family values) thing. We failed to properly frame it as a civil rights thing...until it lost.  We need to get back to framing, you've got a good start here.

    Krugman was right to call it the Madoff Economy. It calls them the crooks they are, and the kids have heard of that guy (setting up the negative frame).  The Matrix is in fantasy land, and it's abstract. Proper framing goes for the gut.

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    A first for me, Thank You.

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    IF that rumor is even close to true, than it demonstrates & proves that management is just as poor, misguided, abusive, careless and ineffective as has been portrayed by their worst detractors.  It needs desperately to be replaced wholesale.

    What they really need to worry about is what happens after Jan. 20th.  Obama has stated strong support for the UAW.  The new Democratic Congress will approve funds to keep the Big Three alive (which will forestall bankruptcy).  However, any further money that is made available to flow to the Big Three will come with effective oversight.  This will include a through review of the layers of management at the Big Three, and their activities.  I expect to see management layoffs through reorganization.

    Get used to being at the 'business end' of the GOP gun.  They're busy trying to keep Unions as the biggest Villain in town (which the Unions need to put creativeness not just advertising and money, into countering).


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