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    But it WON'T be a subject of discussion around the lunch box on Friday.  Take a lesson from the Bushies, It doesn't HAVE to be exactly right, just project a vivid image.
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    Because the campaign has been playing nice and pushing Kerry's positives. Bushies have put all of their money into trying to clobber Kerry, and by inserting the words 'and congress' to these ads, they make the ads 'issue ads' with unlimited spending power from all sources (as issue ads the campaign money restrictions come off).

    Here, it's like living in saturation advertising bombing.

    It has got to be brutal and direct.  We are talking about that part of the electorate that does not have a large attention span.  They also don't (for the most part) listen to Williams or Roberts.  

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    I Absolutely Agree. Give the public the real discussion they are salavating for.
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    1. Nail Bush by showing up his lack of Knowledge in issues (demostrates out of touch).  (Have the facts and figures WITHOUT BORING the audience with them, that's the real trick, and hard part).  
    2. Something much more forceful than 'Tinkerbell' It just doesn't get my gut.  Something like an easy comparison to a well known disaster like George Custer might, (another great rigid decision maker).
    3. Kill Flip Flop by making people realize that given new or contradictory facts, some people are Smart Enough to be able to change their minds.  (I have no clue how to get this across in five pithy words or less).
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    ...in the voter's mind.  We are going after the Undecided, the sound bite that will be discussed at lunch tomorrow.  It needs to be something that will cut down the leadership angle while at the same time bringing up Kerry's powers of observation.  The Iraq example I've used before with some success among people in the 'Not Sure' column is:  

    Bush is doing to the Army what Custer did for the 7th Cav.  

    This doesn't do anything for the soccer moms but it really gets the NASCAR dads thinking.  If they start to chuckle, they're a closet Kerry Supporter.

    Anyone have any others on the Economy, Outsourcing, Polution, gas prices, etc?  That can fit into the same frame of Creating Bush Doubt and Build Kerry at the same time.  

    Remember, the voters we are going after are those who haven't fired Bush in their minds yet.  Time is short, need to fire Bush and build Kerry in the same one line.  

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    uh, this is a KILLER point.  Just the kind of thing that can hang him out to dry in seconds.  Press for Details.   Hope the campaign is reading this.
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    Now is the time to try to make Bush seem like the Looser.  They have succeeded in making Kerry the indicisive one.  

    To do this, kill the Flip Flop Question, make Bush loose in the PUBLIC EYE, and win the debate, you must redirect the focus to Bush's own 'Decisive leadership & Stay the Course' theme.  

    The easiest way to do this is to take Bush's words and compare them to a disaster.  The first comparison that comes to my mind of someone who was a decisive and unmoving leader, unable to adapt is George Custer (the guy who lost a small creek called Little Big Horn).

    Bush is doing for the Army what Custer did for the 7th Cav.  

    It's time to use imagery to paint Bush into the corner he has put himself into.

    More than anything else, a simple picture  (in one's mind) that paints Bush as a looser (as he potrays Kerry as indecisive) will do more than any criticism or attack.  

    All it will take to turn the press at the debate will be a simple comparison one liner with Custer's name attached.  Which will then take on a life of its own.

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    A "Smarter War On Terror"

    This uses the current jargon, nothing hard to remember(for the voting masses).
    Plus; Uses an Action word that automatically puts Kerry in front of the Republicians.  Hell, anybody can see that Iraq is just getting to be a quagmire. Change the equation and make it work for us.

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    Watching the early morning CBS news and Guess What!?

    Now, the Repblicans are crying "conspiracy!" with the Kerry Campaign.  With typical mass media zeal and self flagulation, they dutifully report this, The Kerry Campaign has to deny it.  Meanwhile, CBS ignors the Statements of Media Darlings like Rush Limbaugh, who have openly admitted that they have taken advantage of their media access to unfairly and in a biased manner, work in concert with the Bush Campaign (ahem, 'advise').  

    Perhaps CBS can dig itself out of this hole by looking at 'media advisors' such as Limbaugh.  I don't think that they will though, we are not that good at  this type of spin yet...

    Just had to vent a bit...

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    Now, if the trend can stay our friend until Nov. 2nd.
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    The Media ARE FOOLS; too lazy to check into the facts.  Too aloof to bother with the details.  Too busy to print anything but the spin.  Too interested in the sound bite to dig for the facts.  These are the ones I refer to as Mouthpiece Media.  

    The wonderful thing about the internet is that it allows fast fact checking by the masses.  Makes it harder to keep the lie going that way.  

    Lincon was right:  You CAN fool some of the people all of the time... you spell that MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

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    I'm worried that we are just trying to make bad news sound good.  Can the polls be that wrong?
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    I sense fear here.
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    I too find myself enjoying Kos a bit less nowdays.  It does seem like a lot of comments to wade through that almost always say 'I Agree' in some form or another.

    Having said that, I also took the time to read Kos's background on his bloging and realize that trolls can trash a good, healthy debate forum by saturation flaming, also not good.  The ratings seem a fair compromise.  Sorry folks, couldn't find the right link, but it was a justification of the rating abilities of Scoop and the fact that flame wars put quite a few unedited early liberal (ah, progressive) blogs out of business.  

    However, it would behoove Jerome, Chris, et al to watch (perhaps oversee is a better word) carefully to ensure that MYDD does not become a peanut gallery of cheerleaders.  

    Now, for my warning to the Caesars of this blog.  I, for one, enjoy discussion on divergent views.  I want to see what the other side is thinking, and how our side responds to it.  I need to see viewpoints that don't always agree with the party line.  I fear our blogs turning into a one sided affair like the B/C blogs, chock full of 'ditto heads', afraid to think for themselves, parroting the daily drivel.  

    A good contrary opinion is healthy for the community, try not to abuse the power.

    Good Luck

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    President Bush is Strong, Decisive, Resolute.  


    Comments please


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