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    Primary Day.  My Guess is that's when the B-52's come out and carpet bomb advertising about 'whatever republican' wins the Primary. Not t Mention Harry's 'friends' in Pharma, Insurance, Gaming 7 Mining.  All prepared to spend megabucks on Harry's behalf.

    Tarkanian has some tint of corruption from previous dealings, not sure what it is but he is definately the weaker candidate on the R side.

    Sharron Angle (R-Club for Growth) is nuts.  Just a blank look in the eyes after saying ''no taxes.  Knows nothing else, I've seen it.  

    However, if Lowden looses in the primary, This becomes a race of an underfunded and tainted Republican versus the Harry Reid warchest.  Which he will bring out big time in either case.  Especially in an anti-incumbant year.

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    line=like  Need to proof better.

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    That MSNBC stop paying him as a consultant.  He'll pull back just line Mathews did.

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    Easy, it's the same reason that they go easy on derivatives,  they don't understand them.  Nor can they find a simple way to explain what he is saying, therefore they put him on ignore and soft questions.

    It's really quite smart on his part, get technical and loose the reporters. 

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    Go to the next question, who is the alternative, who replaces him?  Do progressives as a group lobby for someone like a Krugman (to see a hold put on that nomination by Lieberman, just to piss off the left) as a replacement?

    I am frankly, tired of our bloviating to keep booting people out without alternatives.  Let's settle on a replacement (or at least 2 to 5) and then present alternatives.  Too many times, the replacement is worse than the predecessor.

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    Arch Conservative Billionaire Sheldon Adelson will certainly find some rabid wingnut to run against Reid.  He will happily invest many millions to try to put lipstick on that particular pig.  

    Harry's lousy poll numbers just encourages Sheldon to keep adding to that pile of money.  It also keeps Harry searching for mo' money, from his er... 'friends' lobbyists.

    The Qualifications though will have to be that Sheldon's candidate is dumber than Gov. Jim Gibbons.  It seems that every Republican who is smarter than Gibbons has, at some time in the past, been double crossed by Jimbo and now belongs to the 'lets sink Gibbons club'. (Which means nobody good for Senate as Jimbo is the official head of the Republican State Party.)

    My money is still on Harry to Win, by a comfortable margin.  

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    And this surprises anyone how?  This is the WingNut that proposed the State Constitutional amendment that he cited to veto the bill.

    Just wait until he gets to veto the bi-partisan State Budget (Thursday).  

    The real problem here is that Jimbo is just the best damm recruiting tool Democrats have ever had.  His clown act is turning all but the lunatic fringe into Democrats, or at least Independents.  (Safety note about the lunatic fringe, they're well armed.) Dems won't impeach him, we're having too much fun watching the R's fracture and break out into open warfare.  

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    Corrupt. Health care reform by excluding Single Payer Option.

    Defeat. Health Care Reform by eliminating the Government payer option.

    Co-Opt. With Insurance, HMO's and Pharma to to marginalize any real reform.

    Unless Republicans succeed in this, they will cease to remain a National Party.  Health care as a right, and not a privilege will condemn the Republican Government model to extinction.

    The tidal wave of goodwill toward Democrats as a Party from passage of genuine health care reform will ensure a Democratic tsunami in the next election cycle.

    I Say; Put it in the Budget Process. Avoid Filibuster.  Let the Republicans reap the health care whirlwind in the next election cycle as they have reaped the economic whirlwind from this past election cycle.  

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    Time to Review

    It's a real incentive to become bipartisan! (for R's)

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    ... why, or who put him up to stepping in front of that train?

    I agree, Cramer did step in front of a train, it hit him and banged him up fairly well.  

    The ones we need to see Jon Stewart eviscerate are the Kool-aid Servers / opinion leaders such as Santelli, Kudlow, or Bartiromo.  

    A large part of the reason that a lot of common investors have a clue of what is going on is that Cramer did not STFU, but stuck out his neck and has carefully explained these things to his audience.  He's not an angel, never claimed to be, but he's willing to explain the game.  

    Meanwhile, Rush is laughing at us.

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    I agree with you.

    This is the second choice round as CNBC vetoed Santelli's appearance on the Daily Show.  

    My opinion is that CNBC Execs pulled a Pump and Dump.

    We fell for it.

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    Cramer is one of the few Liberals at CNBC.  Probably the only one that would possibly agree with Stewart's observations.

    He's spent years calling out (ranting) about lax enforcement, turning a blind eye, telling the public exactly how some of these schemes work and de-mystifying them to a large part of the investing public.  

    This is a pump and dump engineered by CNBC.  This contest was hyped by CNBC, NBC, MSNBC, and Comedy Network.  This is the contest that happened because CNBC vetoed Santelli from appearing on the Daily Show.

    By pumping up Cramer and letting Stewart dump on him, we gleefully pile on Cramer in true Lord of the Flies fashion.  Meanwhile, Santelli, Kudlow, Hanes and all of the other commentators who are hoping that Obama will fail, get off scott free.

    CNBC wins!  (In true Wall Street Fashion, with a pump and dump scheme, and we went for it hook, line, and sinker.)

    I really want Stewart to appear on Mad Money and call out the other ones who didn't have the guts to appear on his show.

    Better yet, let them both appear at the same time with Olbermann, and let them riff off of each other about what is wrong with the system on Wall Street, how it has harmed America and what needs to be done to fix it!

  • Does this movement you mention exist in the Central Valley? The San Diego area? The Sacramento Delta? The Gold Country? Anywhere north of Redding?

    I'm willing to venture that in the whole it doesn't exist in the areas mentioned above.  For that reason you will continue to have Republican representation that is just over 1/3 of the legislative body.  Those are the more conservative areas of the state, the Population corridor of Sacramento - San Francisco - Los Angeles carries the liberal power.  That fight needs to happen in the rural areas I mentioned above.

    The only way I see to equalize the proposition problem is to have a second vote on every proposition that passes in the next general election.  Let it become law in the first election, then let it live or die after people experience what life is like under it the next... (irony, the only way it would pass is by proposition).

  • Than why were they so intent in getting it into the budget accord?  The Issa initiative failed, but this by-passes that effort and expense and puts it on the ballot.

    To your contention that the Republicans don't want an open primary, consider this:  The CA-GOP knows it is going into the wilderness for years, hopefully decades.  Practically, This means they Won't win an election for a while.  

    However, with open primaries, they can focus their power on crossing party lines and on putting the worst Democratic candidate on the ticket (who will probably win in the general).  We both know there are some real wack-jobs and people who just are not competent to hold elective office that run as democrats.  If the Republicans make them the victors of the primaries and then they win the general by default.... A few of those, and people will be looking for Republican Salvation.

    No, this is a long term effort to undermine the Democratic Primaries.  Knock off some of the other side's best and rising stars.  Keep the incompetent, dumb, and banal.  Pretty soon you'll have a revolution on your hands.  

    What worries me the most is that they will sell it as being "Fair and Equal"

    We need to be working on the counter punch yesterday.  

  • We were doing it during the Clinton Administration!  Bush didn't keep it up, 9/11 happened, and the Bushies response was invasion of those we (Bush & Cheney) didn't like.

    This looks like we are playing smarter now.


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