Help me Develop and Frame a Wedge Issue

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I could use some help in defining a wedge issue (or theme).  I'm going to be giving a speech to a political club I belong to that has Dems (damm few)  and Repubs (all shades).  I use these speeches to see what talking points seem to work. Where do I get their attention and what puts them asleep or in `not listening' mode

I'm not looking for Democratic talking points, I'm in a conservative area, Repubs outnumber Dems.  The tactic I have been working to develop is to make the conservatives doubt their Dear Leader.  

Lately I've come (stumbled is more like it) upon the theme of "this ain't Eisenhower's Republican Party" anymore (or something to that effect).  

Using this as a spring board, I need some examples of what conservative values espoused by Eisenhower Republicans just don't hold water (or directly contradict) today's Neo-con world.  Using some themes like this I seem to be getting a response from the moderate conservatives in the audience.  I'm trying to cobble together a cohesive package that I can shop to candidates to chew over.  I want to create something that will win in November, part of that will be making doubters within their own party.

My long term goal here is to develop a cohesive narrative of the Republican Party change has made Bush supporters cultists, but we need to build to that point, this is the start. I have to build the dissatisfaction first.

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Re: Help me Develop and Frame a Wedge Issue
A few Bush/Republican policies that go against conservative philosophy:

Balanced budget - Bush has the biggest deficit in history, Dems are now the ones pushing for balance.

Civil liberties - Conservatives value personal freedom and individual liberties. Domestic surveillance goes against this. Conservatives want "government off their backs."

Wasteful military spending - Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex, and Bush has by far the biggest military budget ever. To get conservatives, label it wasteful, and use this article. It talks about the Pentagon's inability to pass a credible audit, where hundreds of billions go unaccounted for.

Hope these ideas help, and are what you're looking for.
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Re: Help me Develop and Frame a Wedge Issue

They do,


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Re: Help me Develop and Frame a Wedge Issue

Overseas adventures:

Its very noble to spread democracy in a rock, but its not selfish to think of what we can do for Americans over here.

The Iraq war is a good example of why we should have less of an overseas presence and work more on our own internal security and prosperity.


Harvard professor/study says immigrants (i.e. guest workers) do depress wages of low income Americans.

Illegal immigrants don't take unwanted jobs Americans wouldn't work they take unwanted wages American citizens can't afford.


Teddy Roosevelt used to be able to fish and hunt and enjoy the outdoors with his family. Fewer and fewer of us are able to do that now.

Personal Liberty

Since when did we (republicans) become the ones to break the rules to fit an agenda.


How did the stewards of the American economy become so comfortable sailing it into debt?

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Re: Help me Develop and Frame a Wedge Issue

That's in Iraq not in a rock (man I was sleepy)

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Eisenhower and Torture

Eisenhower did not sanction torture.

From L.A. Times:

Dwight Eisenhower made a point to guarantee exemplary treatment to German POWs in World War II...

From Eisenhower's first inaugural address:

The enemies of this faith know no god but force, no devotion but its use. They tutor men in treason. They feed upon the hunger of others. Whatever defies them, they torture, especially the truth.

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