"Obama cultists"

I'm a little tired of all of the insults against Obama fans. Please stop saying they're members of a "cult." It's childish and it only serves to push them away. We want a healthy debate, not a one-sided bashing. I'm seeing fewer and fewer Obama backers on MyDD these days and it's a bad sign for the community. And don't say that it's representative of the netroots unless you can back that up with evidence.

Besides, the Dean folks were pretty committed and probably better deserved to be called "cultists."

Besides, using the word "cult" in a derogatory way implies that you don't support First Amendment rights.

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2008 predictions

For the record, here are my current 2008 presidential predictions. Predictions that I made and still hold from previous years are in parentheses.

  • Dem nominee: Obama (2004)
  • GOP nominee: Romney
  • Dem running mate: Edwards (2006)
  • Dem running mate if Clinton wins: Richardson
  • next president: Obama (2004)
  • Regardless of who the Dems nominate, the Dem nominee will win the general election with at least 55% of the vote.

2009 Cabinet:

  • State: Holbrooke (2006)
  • Defense: Clark (2006)
  • Justice: crap, I can't remember...
  • State if Clinton wins: Bill Clinton
  • 1st Supreme Court Justice if Clinton wins: Obama

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Scoop autoformatting

Just a reminder, for auto-formatting diary entries and comments:

italics: /italics/ or _italics_
bold: *bold*
fixed width: =fixed width=
link: [link http://www.google.com]


  • item 1: * 1
  • item 2: * 2

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