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    That there was Mr. Obama practicing his victory speech.

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    That's what you get for insulting a reporter to her face. And the Republicans wonder why the media has turned against them...

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    I'm having a hard time believing that the McCain campaign did a serious job of vetting Palin. People have dug up too much dirt -- or should I say, gold --in just half a day.

    Giuliani went down in part because of Kerik. I see no reason why we can't take McCain down in a similar way. This just shows terrible, terrible judgment.

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    Yes, lawyers do struggle early in their career to get a footing. But overall, more of them seem to make it big compared to engineers who have a more steady but slower ascendancy.

    Seem to, because that's what you see on TV. Law practice is one of the unhappiest professions in America. And think of all of the software engineers who have struck paydirt in IPOs or at "hot" companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.

    Compliancy is one thing. But there are too many frivolous lawsuits that do not get dismissed. The Hunter Tylo case was ridiculous. This is a lady who got hired based on looks. Nothing else. And Allred sues on her behalf and goes on every channel acting like she is fighting on behalf of some freedom fighter or something.

    Everyone deserves legal representation, even those evil terrorists in Gitmo.

    Look, I'm not saying that there aren't problems with the legal profession. There are. Legal representation is too expensive for most individuals, many lawyers are forced to make unfair lifestyle choices, and young lawyers don't have enough opportunities to serve the public interest. But your lawyer-bashing is pretty misplaced. Lawyers are a mixed bunch. As other folks here have said, some are good, some are bad. Have you ever met a lawyer? Talked to him or her about their job, why they do it?

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    Everyone should know their place. This is the convention.

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    I understand your anger, but I think most of it is misplaced.

    i personally think punitive damages need to  be taxed at least 50% for both the winning lawyers and plaintiffs in those cases. This way, it is not like they hit the jackpot when the jury wants to punish the guilty party.

    Most states already place heavy taxes on punitive damages. Some states don't allow punitives at all.

    I have a problem with lawyers making more than engineers and as much as doctors for merely facilitating things. I have seen way too many mediocre people get into law and seem to automatically make more than productive people like Engineers or even some doctors.

    This is not the fault of lawyers; it's the fault of the businesses that hire them. The fact is that the law has a huge financial impact on business. Executives are willing to pay large amounts of money to reduce their risk. Employees, consumers, and shareholders should expect no less.

    Of course, there are some incompetent lawyers who dont make that much either. But that's because we have a glut of lawyers.

    That is an ignorant statement and is insulting to the thousands and thousands of competent lawyers out there who aren't making big money. Did you know that the average starting salary for law school graduates is about $50k? That's about the same as for engineers coming out of college, yet law school graduates have three additional years of debt to pay off. The fact is that most lawyers don't make the big bucks. A huge number of them work for small firms, for government, or for non-profits. And in private practice, the vast majority of them are not doing the type of litigation that you describe. Most of them are doing transactional work, advising corporate clients on how to comply with the law. You do want Corporate America complying with our Superfund laws, don't you?
  • Not productive, troll.

  • What a fantastic poll question!!!

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    I'm not against making long-term predictions in general, but anything could happen between now and 2010. Iraq, the economy... with a possible Democratic trifecta in 2009, there could be a wholesale shift in the political winds. The pendulum could swing the other way in states like Ohio. Anything is possible.

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    Nice. Way to take some personal responsibility.

    Way to blame your troubles on a make-believe group of people whom you've never even met. I guess that's one of the nice things about online democracy; you can hide from the people you disagree with, and then blame them for everything.

    Pull yourself out of your imaginary gutter and fight for what you believe in.

  • If you really have it out for the mainstream media, then where do you get your news from?

  • That accusation is completely contradicted by exit poll data.

  • Nice... We're citing Karl Rove now.

    Karl Rove predicted that W would create a permanent Republican majority.

  • Obama lose Mass in November?!

    I'm speechless. That's the most laughable serious prediction I've heard in years.

  • You're painting yourself into a nice little corner.


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