Gordon Smith - profiting from illegal immigrants

Gordon Smith - has a problem. He has hired and profited from the work of illegal immigrants at his food processing business, Smith Foods.

Research shows that for decades, Smith repeatedly hired undocumented workers, or workers with fake documents, or refused to photocopy workers documents in order to confound immigration officials trying to investigate him.

Smith is therefore profiting from the exploitation of illegal immigrants, but he is also engaged in a defacto denial of those jobs to Americans or legal immigrants, for that matter.

To defend his ability to hire illegal immigrants, Smith has voted against:

1. Tougher penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants

  1. Tougher employment protection for undocumented workers- so they cannot be exploited by employers like Gordon Smith
  2. Voted against increased funding for Employer enforcement.

Gordon Smith - purposefully undermining our immigration laws.

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