• You know what?

    Fuck this shit.

    I came here during the primary wars to see the other side's POV as I was an Obama supporter and was interested in getting a wider perspective on how Clinton supporters felt. MyDD was, of course, not nearly as bad as several people at Dkos made it out to be (and the reverse is/was true as well).

    Every since the Primary ended I've tended to gloss over your front page posts, and let them go by with perhaps a comment or two here or there. But seriously, as the owner of this site I think you have shown some poor judgment and petty behavior, as displayed in this thread especially, which leads me to throw up my hands and give up. There are plenty of other communities around, and the hostility of the owner of this one is just sad.

    Yeah this is a GBCW comment, and I'm sure you don't give a rat's ass. You seemingly have a low regard for many of the posters here, so I'll remove the hassle of having yet someone else to deal with.  

    Perhaps I'll try out this Moose place, since you recommend it so highly.

    piss of Jerome and goodbye.

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    It'll be good to have the election over and the "Bradley effect" finally put in a deep deep grave.

    I swear, two election where a candidate who was black underperformed the polls and suddenly it is a major "theory", transferable throughout time and onto a national stage. Christ, it is not like any white candidate has ever underperformed at the polls.

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    got... to... get ... the... boot... in... somehow

    the phrase "damning with faint praise" springs to mind.

  • on a comment on Cindy McCain's New Scandal over 5 years ago

    how is it an attack?

    And how would she have gotten this if she wasn't married to a Senator?

  • I think she deserves some post or another for her General election campaigning, I don't know if Majority Leader is a possibility as she does not have much seniority.

    But, yeah she needs something shiny and important. She also needs to surround herself with better people, I think that was a major flaw in her campaign, who was running it. (a mistake that McCain duplicated, in fact it is amusing how many Clinton Mistakes McCain replicated.)

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    Good grief. Yeah, you know Obama has benefited a bit from the economic times... because he managed to handle it smoothly and not all wig out like McCain, and the rest of the country. Think people are going to forget that and go running to Mr. Grumpy now? Remember, his polls where going up prior to the meltdown, they really jumped right after the first debate, and the fundamentals of the economy are still shaky. Yay, stock market is up, now how about those mortgages and the lay-offs and the credit crunch and...

    I swear, bunch hand wringing bed wetters.... It is like people are LOOKING for a reason why he won't win instead of actually doing to work to make sure he does.

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    about 3 weeks ago, yeah

  • The debate pacing and performance have actually worked really well for Obama and let him maintain momentum, providing we see similar this week that will carry things over until the 1/2 hour ad buy peep are talking about late this month (29th?). A major appearance every 2 weeks until the election to remind people to chill out and vote Obama.

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    perhaps a good strategy to run with starting at about the 6 week mark. But 3 weeks? When your negatives are pretty low? meh.

    McCain has one more free shot at massive message control, during the debate. But who will we see. The "I'll whip his you-know-what" McCain, the "the gloves are going to come off" McCain?

    Lurching is about right.

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    aaaand, Gallup: 51 - 41.

    So much for Drudge's "breaking" news....

  • bugger that first line should be

    "SUSA poll today in MO 51%-43% Obama"

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    SUSA poll today 51%-43% Obama

    This potentially makes MO yet another path that Obama can use to reach the finish line.

    As of now if he holds PA (likely), he just needs ONE of the following: MO, IN, FL, OH, NC, VA, or CO + one of NV, MN, SD, WV.

    Some of these will likely go McCain, but all? heh yeah sure.

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    The first time I heard the word landslide in reference to Obama was from a Conservative Commentator, about 6 weeks ago. That might have been Rollins as it was couched in the same language as the above quote.

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    er, why does the press release say...
    "While Mr. McClintock is not the perfect candidate for California Governor"?
  • comment on a post Obama catches McCain in Georgia over 5 years ago

    oh, I will laugh myself sick if GA goes Blue next month.


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