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    Why is it that I see more Glenn Beck videos per progressive website than I would on Fox News' website itself?

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    Let's put it this way... I'm in Austin, and I've seen that bullshit Cornyn ad about 50 times, but have yet to see a Noriega ad yet. If Noriega had any money, he would be cleaning up. If he does have money (which would include a chunk of mine), then it must be going to GOTV efforts in South Texas.

    Man, I hate being, as the late Molly Ivins once put it, "Mississippi with good roads."

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    This doesn't surprise me, he got at least 10,000 people to show up in Austin in shitty weather last February. And we're a young town; most of the people I saw in the crowd were collegian.

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    I smell a future Amy Sullivan column recycling most of these talking points.

    I also didn't realize that when The Onion published an article called "E-Meters Said to Measure Human Gullibility," they were engaging in very real and hurtful hate speech against Scientologists.

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    How could he vote to overturn Casey when it was that case that went to the Supreme Court? In other words, Casey was not settled law at that point.

    That being said, here is your reliable 4th vote against Roe. If Stevens kicks in the next two years, there's #5.

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    There's no border about it at all, that question has full-on invaded Pushpolltonia.
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    The only thing I can hope for is a long, money-wasting primary between equally unpalatable GOP options Perry and Strayhorn, and a relatively smooth Democrat primary. Because, regardless of what happens, the Democrat nominee will be a huge financial and name-recognition underdog... even if John Sharp (former Comptroller and nearly Lt. Gov.) gets involved.

    There's a lot of people in Texas waiting for somebody to speak out concerning the massive waste and corruption that has permeating the last 10 years of Texas government.

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    We should totally take judicial review out of the hands of these nine so-called gods and place it in the hands of the One True God and First Father: the Reverend Moon.

    I suggest remixing DeLay's last sentence fragment: "The Constitution?!? What-EVER!!"

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    9/11 changed everything, and it also reset history to year zero in the animatronic brains of our vapid punditry.

    Next stop: "I've never heard the minority party ever filibuster the ham-fisted legislation of a 'popular' 'wartime' President!"


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