For those too lazy to link Rev. Wright

I had hoped some genuine Links would have been provided to provide what Rev. Wright said last night in front of the NAACP and today in D.C. Lacking those I am providing these.

The vortex of crap that has surfaced concerning Rev. Wright from alleged Democrats here at MyDD will not go unanswered.Here is my will not last here, but perhaps a few will find it.

Detroit...last night right.transcript/index.html

Washington D.C. Natl. Press Club...this morning 20080428_wright.pdf

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Republican racist NC ad

The Republicans are now placing this racist ad in NC.
Are MyDD people going to condemn this?

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Obama MLK Speech

Today Sen. Obama gave a speech on a day I remember so well.
It was early April in 1968. I would graduate from H.S. in June.

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Vote McCain before Obama

For awhile I have read some folks who are truly Clinton supporters...and some folks jist stirrin' shit up write..
Hillary or McCain

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What does today mean

What does today mean to you and what did you do to make your visible resistance?

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This need to Stop Act II

For almost a year my emotions and head were screaming as John Edwards was either ridiculed and/or dismissed

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Denver and Speech Zones

Is Democratic Party restricting Free Speech in Denver?

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Econ 101

Sub-Prime scam...$100 oil? The Economy will be an issue

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Edwards and One Corp

There has been a lot of stuff written about how Edwards has nothing beyond Iowa and N.H., you are wrong...

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The weirdness of Passion

We are better than snips at those whose views differ from ours.

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