Bill Clinton not a friend

Former President Clinton's support of McCain's debate boycott is bullshit.

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Y'll don't give a shit

I posted this...cause..
How many here knows anyone serving multiple tours in a combat zone? How many know anyone over there at all?
How many here have taken a few hours of your precious time in the past 7 years to visibly object to the madness?
You ignore diaries from folks that may deviate from campaign buzz words in a feeble attempt to provide information that just may enlighten you.  You probably never tried to find out what really happened in Denver.. hey..why try to delve beneath what is happening now in the "Twin Cities"

I can post this rant because...
well...every diary that does not give that feeble spark to what is left of your political soul...fades away..

Again I give you... Zc

let this fade...
..and please...rec any diary that rants how Paln did not feed her dogs..or how fuckin' afraid we should all be because generic pop polls show it is close.

I can post this...'cause it will disappear..

tap yer toes..
and keep posting BS WM

You bet I am proud of my effort in this old news.. Ks

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Amy Goodman arrested!

Sorry this has nothing to do with Palin.

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MyDD did not cover this!

Too Bad MyDD did not spend time in the Streets

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Protests in Denver

A preview of Actions demonstrating reminders..

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Breaking..Hazmat in McCain CO office

This afternoon hazmat was called to McCain Office

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What's goin' on Denver

This is a glimpse of some activities planned for Denver.

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Hillary Clinton and the Convention

I expect multiple Diaries on this.

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So tired of whining

I am tired of of diaries and comments from cowards.

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Anthrax case closed?

Bruce E. Ivins is dead so the anthrax cased is closed. Right?

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