Polls: Big Boost for Obama

This diary will have to be brief, as it is already way to late on the East Coast, but I have been somewhat startled by the lack of reporting of good news for Obama here. When Obama is shaping up to be the next spawn of Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover, it certainly makes the front page news. Yet the smart moves by the Obama Administration in the last week have gone largely unreported, and may be showing in the polls.

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Why FL just got High Speed Rail

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As a Pinellas County native, I have been waiting 25 years for the announcement heard today: $1.25 billion would be granted for construction of a Florida high speed rail link. Estimated to cost $3.5 billion total, this award covers a substantial portion (35%+). High Speed Rail is finally coming to the rest of America.

But many have asked: why Florida?

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We Lose. (Updated x2)

I apologize in advance for a diary written in haste. I am usually one to oppose repetition of supposedly breaking, blogosphere theories collected from multiple unnamed sources, and to urge a patient wait for final word. Usually. But it appears this time that there is a general consensus building as to the direction health care reform is heading in the Senate and feelings amongst progressives are quite hard this evening. I know I feel very angry. It is beginning to look like the Senate will cave in to the individual demands of Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and pare away the progressive aspects of the health care reform bill to a narrower core.

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So... When are we mobilizing for the Public Option?

The Senate is set to begin debate on health care reform later this week. Progressives scored a small (and arguably pyhrric) victory back on November 7: The version of health care passed by the U.S. House of Representatives contained a Public Option. With momentum for the public option finally building to the point of tangible accomplishment last week, what have progressives done to help further the effort?

A boycott of the DCCC has been organized, under the premise that donating to the entire congressional caucus also donates to the 39 democrats who voted against health care reform. Fair enough. You can sign the boycott here. There has been a lot of discussion on the Internet. And we have a well-meaning web site asking for the public option please.

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Cast Away - Tales of the Young, Educated, and Unemployed

This is my first attempt at a diary here, and I want to dedicate it to a topic that is both deeply personal and painful: unemployment. It has been a long seven-day wait for posting privileges so I can finally put my feelings into writing. My wait on unemployment, now at eight months, has regrettably been far longer.

I realize that writing about my own employment situation carries a sense of narcissism. After all, 15% of all Daily Kos respondents recently indicated that they too are unemployed, which closely matches the national true (U-6) unemployment rate of 17%. I know far too many of you are in the same boat, so please forgive me when I feel compelled to share personal details.

It is my thesis, however, that elements from my own unemployment experience are germane to the larger unemployment crisis in this country, and that the national dialogue on many critical elements of the crisis remains woefully insufficient, despite the election of President Obama to the White House.

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