Hillary: The Way to Win

Sen. Hillary Clinton has a better than even chance of winning the Democratic nomination, contrary to popular and uninformed opinion. The goal post has always been 2209 delegates needed to win, not the arbitrary 2025 number that doesn't include MI and FL. The primary process has always been about choosing the best candidate for the general election. That process has changed over the years. Over the past 4 decades, the Democratic party has had a 70% failure rate. Why is that?

Let's take a look at the history of presidential elections as they pertain to changes in the nominating rules, starting with 1968. LBJ's VP, Hubert H. Humphrey, was the heir-apparent, but he was challenged from the far left by Eugene McCarthy. Coming late to the race was RFK who was assassinated by a Palestinian on the night he won the CA primary. The Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago that year and to say it was tumultuous would be putting it mildly. Outside the convention center was what amounted to a police riot. IOW, all hell broke loose.

McCarthy tried in vain to gain the 1968 nomination but it ultimately went to Humphrey who didn't even run in the primaries except through surrogates. He lost to Nixon. Humphrey won 13 states plus DC, totaling 191 electoral votes (EVs). Nixon won 301 and George Wallace won 46. While that may have seemed like a crushing defeat at the time, the party hadn't seen anything yet.

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Obama's Troubled Waters

Things just aren't going too well for Sen. Obama lately and the poll numbers are showing the trend, as are the favorability numbers. Electability is the only game in this town. Everything else pales in comparison. Hillary is coming on strong as the best candidate for the fall election against Sen. McCain.

It isn't just one thing with Obama, it's a bunch of things. Right now, though, the media just happens to be concentrating on one thing--Rev. Wright. Once they get tired of that one, there are a bunch of other issues to focus on. That's why he can't be our nominee. Someone like Rove would have so many goodies to choose from.


Graphic by Pat Racimora, as posted on No Quarter.

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