• It seems the man most resembling a real Democrat this time is McCain and the closet Republican is Obama, who:

    -would extend Bush's faith-based initiative

    -supports telecom immunity

    -voted for Cheney's energy bill

    In what ways is Obama standing up for Liberal ideals and values?

    The heart and soul of the Democratic party has been kicked to the curb by the likes of Donna Brazile. The RBC violated its own rules and chose Obama over Hillary, ignoring the fact that most voters, most Democrats voted for her, not him. As a result of the undemocratic nature of the DNC and top Democrats, millions of Democrats have left the party, joined PUMA groups, registered as Independents or Republicans or will simply not vote for Obama, should he be nominated at the convention.

    The mean-spirited Obama supporters who call PUMAs names are acting in a self-defeating manner that will ensure retribution on November 4.

    P U M A

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    P U M A
    Party Unity My Ass
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    My wife made calls to MT and SD tonight from HQ and it was pretty well packed with upbeat volunteers! Lots of great feedback from SD!


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    As a hetero guy and Hillary supporter, kudos on a great diary! All people should feel free to be who they are.

    Grlpatriot, thanks for being who you are. I've always enjoyed reading your comments and have always been grateful Hillary has such wonderful supporters who represent the best of the Democratic party.

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    Hmm, maybe something will hit the news at 9 AM Monday morning that'll shed some light on some things.

    Just remember: There is no such thing as a committed or pledged delegate. All delegates have the right to change their mind. They have a duty and a responsibility to go with the best candidate for the nomination to represent the party in November.

    It doesn't matter what delegates Obama thinks he has by Tuesday night. It doesn't matter if he declares himself the winner on Wednesday. What matters is how those delegates vote in August.

    I seriously doubt Obama will be the nominee.

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    Even if Obama gets to 2118, the new goal post, those delegate positions don't count until late August in Denver. Between then and next week, lots of things can happen. We will not have a nominee until August 28. More stuff on Obama will be coming out that may sour delegates on Obama who is already doing worse in the polls and has a declining approval rating.

    As a result of the travesty in DC today by the RBC, a whole lot of long-faithful Democrats are going to be leaving this party. The DNC is breaking its own rules and that's intolerable. You just don't hand someone someone else's delegates. That deal they made with MI is totally unacceptable.

    If you're looking for party unity, after today's stunt, you can just forget about it.

  • Thanks for the diary, Alegre. My wife will be there!

    The forecast calls for rain so be sure to bring an umbrella. How about getting a white one at a Dollar store and use indelible marker to write:



    OMG! Report this to the admins! Democrats are actually involved in democracy! Alert the media! ;)

  • Many Obama supporters don't need health care right now so they don't care that his plan is far worse than Hillary's. And here I thought liberals wanted universal health care. Maybe Obama's white supporters aren't liberals or progressives.

    Since the majority of Democrats and the majority of all primary voters want Hillary, she should be our nominee. She's also much stronger against McCain. It's the job of the super delegates to nominate the best candidate for the fall election. It'd be absurd to give the nomination to the weakest candidate.

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    Wonderful diary, linfar! I like wolves and all critters and varmints, being one myself. Not only shouldn't this be a Hillary/Barack issue, it shouldn't even be a R/D issue. We all have a stake in this planet so we should all care about nature.

    It was wrong for the Bush admin to de-list wolves. Let's hope efforts to protect the wolves succeed.


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    It seems to me that linfar is not comparing herself to a dissident but rather she's comparing some of the comments often seen here to the actons of the communist thugs who went after that dissident.

    We're all supposed to be Democrats here and that's supposed to mean something. If someone posts a thoughtful diary, readers should be able to post thoughtful and respectful comments.

    All too often, comments here are nothing but abusive and counterproductive. There's also the problem of the misuse of hide and troll ratings.

    It doesn't matter which candidate you're supporting, you should be able to engage in intelligent discourse without name calling, denigration or ad hominem assaults.

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    The states of FL and MI have already been punished enough. No money went to those states from the campaigns.

    A total of 5 states were in violation of the timing rule. Why were only FL and MI singled out?

    Either seat all delegates with full voting rights or apply the rules evenly to the other states that were in violation.

    Obama cannot be allowed to benefit from blocking conformity with the rules per standard contract law.

    Why is this page pink and why is their a Pi symbol in the lower left corner that takes you to a music video?

  • Excellent diary! Yes, Hillary is helping to break down barriers, break through the glass ceiling, and pave the way for other women. She's a real champion! That's why Democrats overwhelmingly support her, especially women.

    Women who are champions of women's rights don't remain silent when an injustice is done. They speak out and tell it like it is as Hillary has done and then keep on fighting.

  • Wonderful diary, Alegre. I support Hillary because she's the best hope for the country and the best hope for the party to win in the fall. Hillary is simply the best.

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    Very nicely done, Hampster.

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    This avid Hillary supporter salutes you for writing this excellent diary!


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