We Know It, The World Knows It, But The Clintons' Don't: It Is Over.

This thing is over, and the sooner the Clintons realize it the better the Democrats AND the country will be. The Sunday Telegraph reports the following:

"A senior Democrat strategist, familiar with discussions at the highest levels of the Obama camp, has revealed that Mr Obama is now confident of the support of around 120 of the remaining 260 undeclared superdelegates.

His aides believe he will only need between 70 and 80 to be sure of the nomination if he wins the Oregon, Montana and South Dakota primaries as expected after this month."

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Most Powerful Woman in Government to Endorse Obama?

In a sure sign that the Democratic establishment (aka SuperDelegates) are warming to the idea that the primary contest needs to end soon, it appears that Speaker Pelosi might be going back on her word of remaining neutral.

The New York Post, while reporting on the Wilhelm endorsement, comments on a possible Nancy Pelosi endorsement of Barack Obama.
http://www.nypost.com/seven/02142008/new s/nationalnews/bubbas_92_elex_boss_backs _barack_97564.htm

"Meanwhile, congressional aides said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is considering endorsing Obama. They say she's weighing whether a public endorsement would harm her ability to function in her job."

Is the end near? Or just another "meaningless" endorsement?

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