• It's one thing to say you're going to support Hillary while she is in the race.  Fine.  But when you suggest that when she drops out tomorrow and openly endorses and supports Obama against McW, you're going to turn your back on not only Obama but Hillary herself and work to enable Bush's 3rd term instead, that's the dropping off point for you around here.  Free Republic is calling...

  • Nice strawman argument (OHZ NOEZ, IS THAT SEXIST?!?).  You're a troll because you're ripping the Democratic nominee on a Democratic blog.  Now, good-bye to you and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out then.  People like you who are here to continue to demonize the Democratic nominee on a Democratic site have no place here.  Try Free Republic.  

  • LOL.  If there was anybody out there that didn't realize you're a troll before this certainly will now.

  • The part that you added on to this shows that you clearly have ZERO understanding of what insurance is, how it works, and what it is intended to do.

    People with chronic conditions ARE uninsurable (or at least those conditions are).  Insurance (of all kinds, not just health insurance) is meant to cover UNKNOWN costs that have a low expected value but a high variance (in other words, large costs that have a low probability but would be a huge burden on an individual if it happened).  If you have a known expense, why in the world would you want an insurance company to cover it?  Insurance prices are equal to the expected value of their claims plus their markup (company expenses, taxes, investor returns, etc.).  If the cost of something is known (like it is for chronic or pre-existing conditions), then you have two choices - pay the expense yourself, or pay an insurance company the amount of the expense (technically the expected value if the expense, but that IS the expense amount if it is a known expense) PLUS their markup to cover it for you.  The fact that it is too expensive for people means that the government needs to subsidize the expense for that person, not that a private enterprise needs to lose money out of the goodness of their heart (free market capitalism just doesn't work that way).

    BOTH candidates are proposing the SAME solution to this problem - opening the Congressional plan for anyone to get in on a group rate, but really the only true solution to the issue is single-payer universal government provided helathcare, which NEITHER candidate is proposing.  Your ad hominem bashing of Obama over this issue is as uninformed as it is lame.

  • Awful diary from an awful diarist.

  • This "diary" is worthy of ridicule, whether the issues discussed are actually real or just fabricated for effect.  It's just another disgusting, factless, ad hominem smear piece by the your "boyz" in the Clinton Smear Machine.  I can't wait till next week when all you shameless trolls will be rightfully banned for good.

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    The good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye
    The day the Unity died.

  • If you're putting linfar and the other smear machiners in the Concern Troll category, then that gets my vote as most annoying.

  • on a comment on Mark Warner For V.P over 6 years ago

    Where do you find a Governor with foreign policy experience?

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    Delete and ban please.

  • on a comment on End Game over 6 years ago

    I'm not interested in unity with the 300 or so trolls that roam Hillis44 and then crawl out from under their rocks to spew their filth here.  Obama can win without them.  The 99.99% of the 20 million or whatever Clinton supporters know I'm not referring to them.

  • on a comment on End Game over 6 years ago

    When they leave or get their rightful banning, I certainly will.  I'm still seeing smear diary after smear diary on here from the usual Hillis44 suspects, so I will continue to call it out.

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    I believe that once Obama seals the nomination and Hillary concedes, she will be offered first shot at the VP slot if she wants it.  She has earned that right.  Whether that's the direction whe wants to go or not, I don't know (she has a pretty good job already...).  Either way, she will vigorously support Obama's GE campaign and will implore her supporters to do the same.  When she does that, smear machiners, will you listen to her?  Or continue with your vile smear campaign in direct opposition to the wishes of the person you support?

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    Hillary running as an independent would be political suicide.  There is ZERO chance this happens.  She has already made it 100% clear that she will support Obama in the GE after he wraps up the nomination.


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