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    To be fair, Obama ducked a lot of answers, too, they both did (when McCain wasn't taking out his ass about buying mortgages, anyway...).  This was the best example of a question where there was one clear non-answer and one clear answer.

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    I would recommend TX, GA, MS, AK, and KY first.  Why?  5 Red states with Senate races tighter than the top of the ticket.  In particular, McConnell, Cornyn, Chambliss, and Stevens are 4 of the most corrupt, morally bankrupt Bush rubber stamps in the Senate.  The opportunity to take out any ONE of them, much less ALL FOUR, is worth the the effort.

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    One thing that Obama has been a master of from the primaries to the general is being prepared to win ANY type of contest in ANY format.  He has been ready for EVERYTHING that has come.

    And that really is one of the qualities that reassures me about his ability to lead.

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    Personally, I was a little disappointed in this debate.  There wasn't a TON of substance on either side because a lot of the questions were of the type that, even if there exists an answer, you can't possibly answer in the necessary detail in 2 minutes.  I watch debates for substance.  The VP debate was a fine example.  Biden is all substance, although not really inspiring.  Palin is a substance train wreck who is trying to win people by winking at them.  That debate was as one-sided to me as any I've ever seen.

    For sure, though, if substance is limited in general and the debate becomes a style contest, that is a clear HUGE advantage for Obama.

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    I believe the final nail in the coffin is to open up a new front in the battle in Texas.  McCain can't afford to respond, so Obama could be on the air and on the ground unchallenged.  Obama is only 8 or 9 points back with a serious wind at his back.  Winning TX would be the final stake through the heart of the neocon movement, and possibly the 60th Senator as well.

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    The Fixed News poll is 88-12 McCain.

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    McCain is just the current face of it, but it is the whole Republican brand that is toxic, not McCain specifically.  McCain CAN'T run from being a Republican, but guys like Coleman and Gordon Smith can sure try...

  • You didn't go far enough into this.  Check this out (from a few days later after the decision came out):

    http://www.juneauempire.com/stories/0626 08/sta_295993390.shtml

    From Gov. Sarah Palin:

    "I am extremely disappointed with today's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court," Palin said. "While the decision brings some degree of closure to Alaskans suffering from 19 years of litigation and delay, the court gutted the jury's decision on punitive damages."

    Here she is ON RECORD disagreeing with a Supreme Court decision that directly affected the state she is the executive of, and now she CAN'T REMEMBER IT three months later?!?

    She is really unbelievable.

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    Naming Hillary to a Cabinet position is irrelevant, but this DOES significantly raise Hillary's stature and role in this race.  It is HILLARY that must be the attack dog on Palin.  Putting her on the ticket is a sign by McCain that he wants to pick off some of Hillary's base.  It is Hillary herself that must be out there tearing Palin down to her supporters to eliminate the defections.  It shouldn't be too hard since Palin is wrong on every issue, but it must be Hillary leading the charge against her.

  • The GOP nominee-in-waiting will move to immediately change the campaign conversation from Barack Obama's football stadium acceptance speech Thursday to the new Republican ticket, to be revealed at a noontime Friday rally in a Dayton, Ohio, basketball arena. McCain and his running mate will then travel by bus to Pennsylvania, where they'll hold an outdoor event at a minor league baseball stadium in Washington County, just southwest of Pittsburgh. On Sunday, the duo will head to suburban St. Louis for another event to be held at a minor league baseball stadium, this one in O'Fallon, Mo.

    Actually, according to Politico, there is NOTHING on Saurday.  The rally at noon in Dayton on Friday, then (presumably Friday evening) in SW PA (this is only a couple hours on I-70 by bus).  The next scheduled stop is SUNDAY in MO.  That gives plenty of time to travel by plane either Friday night or Sunday morning and do nothing on Saturday.

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    Obama quit Coke in the 70s.

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    LOL.  I agree.  This is by far the project with the most artistic integrity that Paris has ever done.

  • If true, this is a bonafide story for the major news outlets (sorry, but the public is interested in the private lives of public figures whether you are or not and whether you like it or not).  Because we've seen no coverage in the major news outlets (including Faux News) makes me think that they investigated it and found either nothing or actual proof of Young as the father, rendering it a non-story.

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    I agree.  There was a huge difference in the Tour this year, and to a lesser extent last year (especially after Rasmussen was booted).  You can tell that the riders are human again (and that the cheaters ARE getting caught now).  This year's massive breakaway by Carlos Sastre that won the Tour came on Alpe d'Huez on the last mountain stage of the Tour after the other top riders like Evans and Menchov already had 2 1/2 weeks of racing in their legs and only gained as much time as it did because of the work of his 2 teammates sowing confusion among the 6-man chase group and slowing the overall pace of the chase.  In other words, it took a whole team working together on the stage where everyone had hit maximum exhaustion to execute what one doped up Floyd Landis or Marco Pantani used to do by himself.  

    As for Armstrong, it's completely unfair to him to accuse without proof, although the things that he did were things that only the dopers of his time could match.  My personal opinion, and this is opinion only, is that he probably was using HGH or something like that early in his career that contributed to the cancer, and certainly used EPO for its intended use as part of his treatment, but whether he continued that use for training after his treatment and, if so, for how long is less certain (again, in my opinion only).  Ball cancer would certainly scare me straight if I were in his shoes, that's for sure.

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    My gut says Clark, and I would not be disappointed with that.  

    I think Hillary took herself out (to Obama privately). I don't think Obama eliminated her, and I think she would be a great choice if it were to be.  Of course, that is just my hunch.  I have no proof such a conversation took place.


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