• This has been discussed before.  Abandoning the Presidential race also allows the Dems, with far, far greater resources, to also abandon the Presidential race and take what is, in effect, a victory lap around all the Senate races.  This is a strategy that is doomed to deepen their already imminent failure.

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    Kick him out.  I don't care if a disaster happens and they lose a seat and he is the difference between majority and minority.  Openly campaigning with the opposition party Presidential candidate is completely unacceptable.

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    I think if it were up to McCain himself, he would pull back.  But, it seems like the GOP hacks are in charge of a lot of the campaign, and they may "go nuclear" anyway.  The thing is, the more out there they get, the more the polls slide.  This race is on the verge of breaking big towards Obama.  I encourage the GOP to use the scorched earth approach.  Their party will be no more than a pile of smoldering ashes by the end.

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    Obama has enough cash to keep competing everywhere.

  • Smerconish has always been a reasonable and intellectual person, even if you don't always agree with him on policy position.  He came to the conclusion that Obama is the better person based on demeanor and judgement mostly (specifically, like all of the RW pundits that have endorsed Obama, the judgement of putting a dimwit like Palin on the ticket).  I have listened to Smerconish to occasionally for many years.

    For the opposite reaction from the wingnuts, I've also taken to listening to Bob Grant recently just to hear him come completely unhinged.  I heard his diatribe about Obama wanting dictatorial powers for standing in front of the OH state flag (that has an "O" on it).  Last night, his show was about how Obama's trip to Hawaii to see his gravely ill grandmother is really so he can destroy his real birth certificate that "proves" he is not a citizen.  Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

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    I agree with Todd.  Everyone is making a big deal about how Obama's lead coincided with the Wall St crisis.  However, at the same time that was happening, the Couric interview that introduced the country to the depth of Palin's stupidity and the train wreck VP debate happened, too.  Look at the PA polls.  Essentially tied pre-Couric.  One immediate uptick to 5-6% post-Couric and another stepwise uptick to double digits immediately following the VP debate.  I'm sure that the economy factored in as well, especially nationally and I'm sure that the Palin effect is highly regionalized (meaning the stupid, cutesy fundie act must play well somewhere...), but in the Philly/NJ region, Palin was the death knell for McCain.  Read Michael Smerconish's endorsement of Obama.  He has his finger directly on the pulse of (generally) moderate suburban Philly Republicans and independents, and Palin is a major issue in his break from his lifelong party affiliation (including working in the GHWB administration...).  If the reports of McCain pulling out of CO in favor of PA are true, then he is currently putting all his eggs in a state where the #1 rated local RW morning drive radio personality in the largest market in the state just endorsed Obama and is one the air every morning talking about how poor of a selection Palin is (split about 50/50 with talking about the Phillies...).  Talk about swimming upstream...

  • Well, I'm not an ex-Republican, but rather an independent for life, and I agree 100%.  My goal is non-partisan - to raise the political discourse in this country that the Rovepublicans have disintegrated into hate politics and stupid non-issues like gay marriage and stem cell research.  That is why it is so important this year to eviscerate the government of as many of the hatemongers and their enablers in the GOP as possible.  It is only when this version of the GOP is reduced to ashes will another one rise in it's place that is interested in meaningful debate on real issues rather than campaigning on a huge game of Six Degrees Of Separation.

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    That Obama ad is hilarious.

  • Yep.  I know not many people think about the red side of the aisle, but now that Bush-Rove divisive neoconservatism is finally being universally rejected around the country, Step 2 in raising the level of political discourse in this country is rehabilitating the Republican Party.  As important as how the Dems use their power will be what kind of Republicans emerge from the ashes.  For them to reclaim their place at the center of the political spectrum, they are going to have to drop the real wingnut crap like preemptive wars and torture and gay marriage and creationism and stem cell research.  It will be a breath of fresh air not to even have to pay attention to crap like that. If Republicans want to drop ridiculous issues like this and just debate about how much taxes we should pay and what we should spend the money on, that's always a fair and substantive debate.

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    It was a deliberate strategy not to be outwardly aggressive.  It was more of a passive-aggressive tact by Obama.  Let McCain make wild accusations, and then systematically debunk them in a way that makes McCain look irrational and erratic for even bringing it up.  Erratic is clearly a large part of Obama's meme about McCain, and I think he's played it to a tee in all three debates.  Left wingers want to see him come out swinging, too, on some of these issues, but that would risk making him look just as erratic, especially to the moderate voters on both sides that he is targetting in these debates, and destroy the meme that is the key to his campaign.  

    It's a very subtle and brilliant ploy because it is mostly subconscious, so people just internalize their feelings without thinking about it.  Think about it yourself.  Did that debate make you feel that McCain was irrational and erratic compared to Obama?  But you are not consciously thinking about that (you are consciously thinking about Obama making more attacks instead), instead you've just internalized it.

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    I feel bad for Hillary because she deserves to be President, too, but she just happened to come around at the same time as someone who is a inspirational and transformational leader that comes around once every several generations.  When the history books about Barack Obama's career are finally written, I'm sure that it will be written that his greatest political struggle and most accomplished political foe will be Hillary Clinton in this primary.

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    Speaking of Dick Morris, he already sees AZ as light blue.  Check out his map (done for Newsmax - WTF is he doing writing for Newsmax).

    http://w3.newsmax.com/a/morrismap/?promo _code=2A89-1

  • I watched the video.  It's been debunked.  Whoever that PUMA idiot is on there, he claims that Factcheck.org can't be unbiased because it is run by the Annenberg Foundation on which Obama sat on the board (with Bill Ayers, BTW - this is the same problem that exists among the GOP hatemongers and PUMA concern trolls alike with the Ayers connection, too).  What he (and the people pushing the Ayers slime) doesn't mention is that the Annenbergs ARE REPUBLICANS THAT SERVED IN THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION AND ARE McCAIN SUPPORTERS AND DONORS IN THIS ELECTION.  I don't get the argument that their non-partisan charatable foundation could either be a terrorist-filled radical front group OR in the tank for Obama.  It makes no sense.  This fake contraversy has been fully debunked.  Please return back under the rock you crawled out from.

  • What did people expect?  In PA, before Couric (where America first really saw how dumb Palin is), it was a 2 or 3 point race.  Afer the Couric interview, it immediately jumped to 7 or 8, and after her train wreck of a debate, it immediately jumped to 12 and no poll post-debate has been less than double digits.  Of course there have been other things like the economy affecting the race, but I do think that Palin is a large factor in the PA polling numbers of the McCain ticket plummeting.  That stupid but cute act (where winking at the camera is a legitimate debate strategy) and far-right fundie beliefs might play well in some places around the country, but PA is not one of those places.  She personally ensures that PA is not in play, and there is no one I know that likes her around here at all.

    BTW, I watched the game tonight on the Flyers' Comcast Sportsnet and they cut all of the on-ice mics from the audio, so all you heard on TV during her ceremony was the announcers and some background music, but none of the crowd.

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    If the Republicans shut down the Presidential race, it would be an unmtigated disaster for them.  Obama has a warchest like no other person ever in history.  If he is afforded what would amount to a three week victory lap before election day, I would suggest he possibly spend every remaining day of the campaign and the rest of his vast financial resources in OR, GA, KY, TX, NC, AK, ME, MN, MS, OK, NE, KS, ID, WY, and certain key House districts.  I mean, who wouldn't want to work with a 65 seat majority in the Senate?  The GOP is in a VERY difficult position this year because of the overwhelming number of Senate seats they are defending.  They cannot under any circumstances afford to let a wave build that could cost them as many as 15 Senate seats and 50 House seats that could take decades to undo.  Even if it becomes clear McCain cannot possibly win, they will have to fight to the end to limit the damages at the top of the ticket.


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