• (This is for any reasonable individual reading these posts, looking for the truth, because otherwise, I know this will fall on deaf ears.)

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!

    O'Connell is not fit to be Superintendent. CA public schools are required to teach in alignment with the CA Frameworks, the curriculum set by the State Board of Ed. From the Health Frameworks, pg. 136 - 137 says: "Honor and respect for monogamous, heterosexual marriage should be an important emphasis of the curriculum at this level....Marriage is a legal commitment that a man and a woman make to share their lives and family responsibilities." Obviously, without Prop 8, this wording will change, thanks to the CA Supreme Court of 4-3.

    So who's lying? O'Connell's signature is on the document. You can read it for yourself on CA's Dept. of Ed site. And then he says that all teacher's agree with this. Another lie!

    The radio ads also says that Prop 8 will "take away fundamental rights." No it will not. First all of CA's existing laws concerning same-sex unions will continue. Secondly, THERE NEVER HAS BEEN A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGES IN THIS COUNTRY. Therefore no "fundamental right" is being taken away. If anything, the "fundamental right" to define traditional marriage as between a man and a woman has been taken away.

    The "Mormon Church" is not funding the spreading of "these lies." Members of the church are. There is a difference. Who is the "Mormon Church?" The members are. The official church is not donating any money to this. The individual members are. If you can donate to "No on 8" then we by the 1st Amendment can also donate to "Yes on 8." If it's good for opponents, it should be good for us proponents. Except that throughout modern times "free speech" and "tolerance" is something that liberally-leaning people preach, and not something that they practice if I have an opinion that they don't like. That's hypocritical. And then those who claim to be "tolerant" resort to name-calling. But that's a topic for another completely different post in and of itself.

    In contrast, the CTA is funding to the tune of $1 mil the spreading of O'Connell's lies. I'm sure glad I'm not a member of the union.

    To ignore what happened in Massachusetts, which is a fact, is completely naive.

    O'Connell also says this: "Using kids to lie about that is shameful." This Proposition is all about kids! Marriage is all about kids! And we intend to protect kids and their parents who wish to teach them as they want.


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