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    Someone tell Cornyn bashing the Clintons is sooo 1998.

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    If you haven't noticed by now, Obama just says things the right wants to hear to make it easier for THEM to back down when it's time to vote.

    I appreciate keeping Obama's feet to the fire, but honestly it took decades of bad policy to bring us to this point and Obama doesn't even take office until next Tuesday.  Relax.

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    This is a good sign.  They can muster a 40 vote opposition but not a filibuster.

    This TARP II isn't very popular either, so if they can't stop it, there probably won't be much that they can.  Not too many can afford to be seen as blocking national recovery.

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    Ya know everyone is always trying to cash in on people feeling down about their appearance.

    Where I live it is -15F outside, and these white girls are still tanning.  It makes me crazy that people are always catering to false conceptions of beauty.

    If you're pale be pale if you're dark be dark.  Be yourself.

  • Well put.

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    I agreed they were in danger of becoming a Southern regional party rotted in social issues, but I didn't think it would happen so fast or on so many fronts.  

    That is until I watched them on the Senate floor hypocritically chastising US automakers and relishing their demise, when they'll do anything to prop up the speculation-based economy and the South's own state subsidized, foreign owned auto industry.

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    I see it like this.

    Obama's keeping Gates on long enough to clean up Bush's mess in Iraq, in other words to clean up after the mess he and his people made.

    Once that is over he can grab someone like Wes Clark or whomever to lead the Obama/Democratic phase of the War on Terror.

  • Good point.

    Hillary deserve credit for not letting the extended primary hurt Obama.  She stepped up to prevent the worst that we Obama supporters feared.

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    North Carolina
    Tamp down new/unvetted meme

    my nerves were shot long before the convention

  • Maybe the message to them should be if the US can overcome its racial and cultural biases and elect a black guy, then you should be able to set your own aside and act like grownups.

  • Well said.  She is taking a risk careerwise, but I'm glad she is willing to do it.  She really does bring the "total package" to this administration.  

    She bolsters our standing in the world as Sec of State just as much as Barack bolsters our standing by his election to the WH.  She fills in those few things that Obama was lacking in terms of experience and continuity.

    Not that Obama is naive or easily pushed around, but Hillary clears the table of all of that BS so we can get down to business, dare I say it, on day one;-)  

  • Sounds like that works for where you live and that's great.  I'm talking about a winning platform of issues to win national elections.  Most importantly, I'm talking about priorities.

    Look, I'm sure we agree on most of these things, possibly all, but my level of intensity on these issues is very small.  Quite frankly I don't worry about guns or the death penalty all that much, while paying my bills and keeping my health insurance is always on my mind.

  • Let me know if you figure it out.

    I have received nothing but positive ratings and feedback from everything I've posted, yet I've lost ability to rate:-(

    I think I hide rated the wrong person and that was it.

    Anyway, I look to my own list of 2.0 ratings and positive responses as proof that I am not trolling or flaming anyone...

  • Thanks for the quote from Harkin.  This is a good metaphor for how allies and rivals can disagree but ultimately work together.

    Our allies already love/admire/respect Hillary and are excited about Barack.  My friends overseas favored Hillary early on in particular for her strength in foreign policy.

    We have already regained the respect of so many.  And the "bad guys" won't be able to hide behind opposition to W and all the rotten things he's done anymore.  Our confrontations are cast in a totally different light.  

    It's no longer the hypocritical bully versus the downtrodden thugs.  From now on it's the fair minded,  forward-looking, reasonable power that the world looks up to against the troublemakers who just can't manage to get along.

    To think it was that way just 7 years ago, until... well, you all know how W screwed up everything.

  • Gun control isn't putting food on the table or a roof over my head or covering my medical costs.

    All it does is make Democrats look like wienies.  Same thing with opposing the death penalty.

    I think the point is that we realized we needed to prioritize our issues.  The bread and butter issues have moved to the top.  The one-issue Republicans will be unable to do this.  They can't throw abortion to the side, or even gay marriage for that matter.  It's there "thing".


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