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    My memory of the 1972 election.  I, too was in elementary school and we had a mock election.  Nixon won in our school by an absurd amount.  I voted McGovern because that's who my parents liked, and was picked on by a group of boys when I let that fact slip, lead by none other than Mark Halperin.  Who was the loudest pro-Nixon voice in class.  And a jerkwad.

    Fast forward a scant few months, and Mark's dad found a listening device in their phone.  Suddenly, Mark is the most virulent anti-Nixon person to walk the earth, and heaven help you if you say something pro-Nixon.  I made a sarcastic comment about his switching loyalties, and he claimed to have no memory of ever being a Nixon supporter.  "I always wanted McGovern to win" he said proudly.

    Mort Halperin was one of the nicest dads around, always gave out good Halloween candy.  But the Mark Halperin of today remains the Mark Halperin who conveniently forgot that he was a rabid Nixon supporter.

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    I went in and looked at the documents, and saw that he's got over 1 million in something called "Eksportfinans", a company whose website states "Export financing is offered to foreign buyers in order to make them choose Norwegian products and services."

    So I tried to use your link to go to the democrats.com website and post this info, but I was stopped when I tried to log in.  I did a password reset, got a new password, and it still won't let me log in.

    Dude, I'd love to be part of your project, but I'm not going to mess with a system that won't let me sign on.

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    I'm wireless-only, my husband's wireless-only, and we're 42 and 52.  Ahead of our time on one demographic measurement, at last!

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    Newtie's giving the commencement speech at Liberty U this coming Saturday, and because Falwell has gone to a hotter place, there will be a bunch of free media.

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    I want to take this chance to say once again, thank you, S. R. Siddarth.

  • Is it too early to start "Contest Every Seat 2008"?  Early start to recruitment in the difficult districts may make it easier to make those early filing deadlines...

  • Right on!  The initial lease is up, so we're funding the war on a month-to-month basis from now on.

    And send up a fully funded withdrawal each month, too.

  • With the right candidate I think Texas could seriously be in play.  Particularly if Shrub self-destructs even further.

  • I'm an arguer, I've got to quibble.

    Warner in VA is vulnerable, especially if our Warner decides he wants the Senate rather than the governor's mansion again.

    Rumors about Craig's health and - er - preferences are swirling again.  If he defends the seat it's probably safe, but if he doesn't then there's a good chance for an upset.  I know, Idaho is red, but a contested primary... it could happen.

    And "Tubes" Stevens is older than dirt.  So health might be an issue there, too.

    We've got some elder statesmen on our side, as well, most notably Lautenberg.  He's retired from the Senate once already, and it would be good to have some names in mind in case he (or his energy level) decides it's time to retire again.

    But that's a great list.

  • Lieberman.

  • If Rove resigns, whoever replaces him must be Senate confirmed.  In the current climate, I can't think of a single Republican who's got any AG integrity credibility.

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    What I find amusing about the bogus Lincoln quote is that it contains a word that didn't exist while Lincoln was alive.

    Etymology Online

    sabotage - 1910, from Fr. sabotage, from saboter "to sabotage, bungle," lit. "walk noisily," from sabot "wooden shoe" (13c.), altered (by association with O.Fr. bot "boot") from M.Fr. savate "old shoe," from an unidentified source that also produced similar words in O.Prov., Port., Sp., It., Arabic and Basque. In Fr., the sense of "deliberately and maliciously destroying property" originally was in ref. to labor disputes, but the oft-repeated story that the modern meaning derives from strikers' supposed tactic of throwing old shoes into machinery is not supported by the etymology. Likely it was not meant as a literal image; the word was used in Fr. in a variety of "bungling" senses, such as "to play a piece of music badly." The verb is first attested 1918 in Eng.

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    Uh - I can't take the survey - it says it's closed.

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    "Protecting small business" as a cover for giveaways to multinational conglomerates and lazy aristocrats.

  • Heh.

    I flew on New Year's Eve, and my 6-year-old daughter got pulled aside by the security guy because she had a snow globe in her bag full of toys.

    The guard knew it was BS.  We knew it was BS.  My daughter was just happy to have another adult to explain her ongoing soap opera among her action figures to.


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