I Felt Right Sorry For Her. She seemed...

Tom Robinson: Looks like she didn't have nobody to help her. I felt right sorry for her. She seemed...

Prosecutor: You felt sorry for her? A white woman? You felt sorry for her?

Harper Lee knew what would be most offensive to folks: Tom Robinson putting himself at the same level as a white woman.  I see a parallel here with bittergate.

Sen. Obama clumsily speaks with empathy and Sen. Clinton goes for the kill by falsely suggesting Obama is talking down to PA voters because he has the temerity to speak the truth about some who are bitter and angry.  He also has the temerity to point out that instead of voting their economic interest, Republicans target many to vote on God, Gays and Guns -- none of which will bring back decent paying jobs.

I think he could have stated it better, but he certainly wasn't trying to divide the country with his statement.  Sen. Clinton, on the other hand, desperately hopes she can wield this weapon and define Obama as an elitist and everybody else -- including her -- as just ordinary optimistic folk.  (I know, just a few of us made 109 million dollars since 2000.)

I can hear Hillary now addressing Sen. Obama.  "You felt sorry for white people in small towns?  White people? In small towns?  You felt sorry for them?"

The temerity!

Keep this up Hillary, and no one will come around to bust up your chifforobe.

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Rejecting Bigotry

"If you're going to vote for me because Barack is black or because Hillary is a woman, then I don't want your vote."

The words are from John Edwards, and I thought resonated with Democrats.

In the fuss over Rev. Wright, I haven't seen Clinton or a surrogate come close to expressing the courage John Edwards demonstrated.  It's difficult in the middle of the campaign to make any principled stand, but for a candidate who will need the support of African Americans in the general election, now might be the time.

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