My Letter to Senator Clinton

What do I Want?

Dear Senator Clinton,

First I want to give you a BIG hug and a BIG Congratulations on everything you have done and accomplished so far. I know you did it for me/us your supporters and I appreciate the road you traveled and will continue to travel in your truly amazing and historic journey.

Before I answer your question of what I want you to do, I want you to know that more importantly I want YOU to do what YOU think, feel and believe you should do.  You and only You can decide this. What is in your heart? What is your gut telling you? Then, I think you should discuss it with your family and close friends, let them guide you to your decision.

Now - What do I want?

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BREAKING: Hillary wins Puerto Rico by a WIDE Margin


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Dancing with the Stars (and Hillary)

Kristi Yamaguchi clearly danced the best throughout the season, she won most of the routines, got the highest scores, had the best technique and moves....but,

A woman had not won Dancing with the Stars since season 1.

The last 4 seasons - Men have won the trophy.

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Along the Oregon Trail

*a little late, since the OR primary was last week - but still wanted to write about it*

"I wish everyone saw her like I did - I Love Hillary" - comment from Jen, young woman in Portland Starbucks*

My day started out very early on Saturday, May 17th when I caught a 6:30am flight to Portland with my fellow Hillstar supporter, Chris.

At the Portland baggage claim area, we ran into Dolores Huertas, the sister of Ceasar Chavez and past leader of the united migrant farm workers union, a huge Hillary Supporter. She was there working on Hillary's campaign. As we were talking to her, who should walk by but Chelsea Clinton!!

Chris said "Chelsea?" She turned to us and came over and said "Hi  - I like your outfit" (we both had on our Hillary T-shirts).  I gave her a hug and kiss, we asked her "What are you doing?" She replied "I'm not sure, I'm suppose to go to Planned Parenthood and then to a triathalon to greet them as the come through the finish line." She looked a little tired, her shirt was rumpled, hair a bit messy and she had a large starbucks coffee in her hand. "So, what are you doing?" she asked us and we told her we weren't sure either, but we were heading into the Portland office to see what needed to be done. "Oh, that's great" she said and we said our good-byes and that we would probably all see each other later.

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Underneath those Remarks


While everyone is pointing the finger at Hillary Clinton's remarks about Robert F. Kennedy, no one is focusing on the essence of her comments which led to the remark.

The interviewer is asking her why so many are trying to push her out of the race:

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The Bataan Death March [UPDATED}

When Obama made the following statement (back in March):

"For those of you who are just weary of the primary, and feeling kind of ground down or that it's like a Bataan death march."

Was he insinuating that Hillary Clinton should be executed?

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The Politics of "Hope & Change"!?

No surprise that Obama has proclaimed himself the winner through disenfranchisement of millions of voters - he's done it before. /chi-070403obama-ballot,1,57567.story

As the Chicago Tribune reported on April 3, Obama knows his way around a ballot and disenfranchising voters seems to be a pattern of his in an effort to win.

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How much have the Super Delegates been paid?

Someone sent me this link from Feb, 2008: 2008/02/obama-clinton-s.html

Back in Feb, Obama paid $694,000 to SD's campaigns vs. Hillary's payments to SD'S campaigns of $195,000.

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I'm not a Lawyer, but.....

After reading the pdf provided in this link by portia9 in another diary: de68e7b6dfa0743217_hwm6bhyc4.pdf

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The (un) Democratic Party

Michigan and Florida vote early, are penalized to the point that their votes don't count, yet they have record turnouts.

48 other states count plus Puerto Rico, Democrats Abroad, Guam, Virgin Islands, and other places that don't actually get to vote in a Presidential election. Yet, they count MORE than 2 ACTUAL U.S. states.

Tonight Nebraska held a primary and the results were quite different than the caucus.

Around 39,000 people participated in the NE caucus. Tonight in a primary that DID NOT COUNT more than 89,000 democrats voted, 50,000 more than what participated in the caucus and this did NOT count.

You'll see similar results in the WA caucus vs primary.

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