The Straw that Breaks the Camel's Back (Stupak-Pitts)

As a pro-choice woman who has voted and supported candidates who are pro-choice for decades, the Stupak-Pitts amendment that just passed through the house in the HCR bill is unacceptable and will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me regarding my votes and support of the Democratic party in the future should it come to pass.

If Barack Obama actually SIGNED this into legislation, I would leave the party for good and never look back.

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Public Option now Dead in SFC[UPDATE]

Just in.

The Senate Finance committe "debated" 2 public options - both failed. /first-public-option-amend_n_303228.html

The 1st one had 5 "No" votes from the following Democratic Senators: Baucus, Lincoln, Conrad, Nelson and Carper.

The 2nd option had 3 "No" votes from Dem Senators: Baucus, Lincoln, and Conrad.

Shame on all of the Democratic Senators who voted against these options.

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Are Republicans really winning Health Care Reform?

Obama has run a nearly flawless administration and I've been wondering how he could be handling the health care argument so poorly. It simply doesn't fit with how he ran his campaign and his first few months in office.

Suddenly, here we are at the center of the key issue in the  election, and Obama and the Dems are ceding to the Republicans?

It doesn't make sense. I thought he (and the Dems) were too smart for this.

But what if this is all part of the plan?

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10:00am PST Prop 8 Decision comes down

Just a quick note to state that at 10am today the California Supreme Court will rule on Prop 8 as well as the 18,000 marriages that took place prior to Prop 8's ruling.

Am hoping that the mods at MYDD will have live streaming.

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Prop 8 Arguments will be heard on March 5th

On Thursday, March 5th the CA Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the overturning of Prop 8.

Tomorrow, those interested will be able to watch live streaming of the court proceedings on the California Channel, link here:

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Separate and Unequal

A Woman Was Beheaded in New York by her Husband!

Shine a light on this story which is being overlooked by the media, but is being circulated as a press release by New York's NOW Chapter: hp/founders-blog/111-an-important-press- release-from-now-ny-about-a-woman-behead ed-by-her-husband

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New Info - Blogs & Websites on Hillary

For those of you that like news and updates just on Hillary - here's a great new blog that I found:

It's from a website called Foreign Policy.

The blog is titled "Madame Secretary" - "an obsessive blog about Hillary Clinton".

It's fun, informative with daily updates, pictures, video.

It's not a "Puma" blog that bashes Obama - it's just all about Hillary.

Also - this is probably connected to the website  that Obama/transition team put together, but here's another site:

It is the new U.S. Department of State website, it also has alot of info on Hillary's new role, as well as outlining the goals and role of the State Department.

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Congratulations to Everyone Today!!

Congratulations to Barack and Michelle Obama - it is YOUR day.

Congratulations to all African Americans - your long awaited moment has come.

Congratulations to the Youth of our Nation - it is a new day and the torch has been passed to you.

Congratulations to all of you that worked so hard for Obama's campaign, that believed in him and voted for him.

Congratulations to all of us Democrats - it is our day, a day we can be so proud of.

Congratulations to the United States of America - we have moved beyond hate and division and have (finally) embraced hope and unity.

Congratulations to the World - A new has dawned.

Congratulations Everyone - Change has come.

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Rank the President's of Your Lifetime

I read a great article in HuffPo about W's legacy (or lack thereof), that some in the media are claiming that he "kept us safe", (so that is his legacy), but many are failing to mention that 9/11 happened on HIS watch in spite of all the warning signs.

The article by Paul Abrams can be read here: s/george-bush-claims-he-kep_b_154100.htm l

So, looking back over the President's in MY lifetime, I thought I'd rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = horrible, 10 = perfect). Kind of a fun Year End game that you might want to do too.....

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Gallup: Obama, Hillary share "Most Admired" Billing

Gallup released it's annual "Most Admired" List for the year. Hillary-Clinton-Share-Most-Admired-Billi ng.aspx

No surprise here:

Obama was #1 at 32% the Most Admired Man

Hillary was #2 at 20% and the Most Admired Woman

Strange to see that George W was #2 in the Man column along with Sarah Palin.

This is Hillary's 7th consecutive year as the Most Admired Woman and the 13th Year she has been in the Top Ten.

Obama is the first President-elect since Eisenhower to make the Most Admired Man list.

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