• That's Our Girl!!! Thank you Hillary.

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    Where mine is - STUCK IN LIMBO.

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    Why don't we give Obama and the Congress a chance to actually formulate and come up with the plan before we attack it!!

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    Little did we know that while we were all screaming and fighting amongst ourselves, we were creating a massive movement OUT of the Repug party and into the DEM party.....how cool is that?

    But you know, I felt it when I traveled to PA for Hillary. I met soooooooo many ex-Republicans that were swept up in the wave of Hillary and Obama. Many, many republican women left their party to vote in our primary for Hillary. It was kind of surprising. And with the 2 of them criss-crossing the state constantly - even my right wing republican relatives were caught up in the excitement....I remember an aunt screaming in the phone "Hillary's coming, I have to go see her!!!" and she HATED Hillary (or so I thought)...but they live up in the mountains and never see any action and here was Hillary Clinton coming to THEIR tiny town...

    too bad Hillary and Obama couldn't have spent even longer in Texas doing the same thing!!!

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    WSB says it all, points are very valid.

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    No - we won't micromanage your country - but don't bother asking us for any more money. Oh - and by the way - if you try to launch one of those things - between us and India - you're toast.

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    this should happen NOW. Democrats may not be so lucky at the next election to have this much of a margin, therefore push through as many initiatives as possible - this is one that should get pushed through.

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    I voted other for all of the above.

    no caucus strategy, no plan after super tuesday (or $$), running general election strategy - it all added to the reason she lost the delegate race. If her campaign actually had a plan for all of this who knows what would have happened, who knows what would have happened had she had a strategy for FL/MI. If Edwards was out of the race, I don't think that would have helped her in Iowa, but did help her later on. When it was HRC vs BO from March onward - she was winning most of the states, so maybe had it always been HRC vs BO she might have done better - but not in Iowa (imo) - maybe she would have picked up more of Edwards supporters in SC (for example) or won by a bigger margin in NH or NV - but what difference does it really make?

    The long and winding road to the end of the primary was riddled in missteps by Penn and others on her team. Had she actually had $$$$ in Feb and a plan for after Super Tues, then she could have (perhaps) slowed down Obama's 11 or 12 straight wins.

    Lastly, the fact that the bigwigs in the DEM party (pelosi, brazile, dean) all supported obama and not her also hurt she. She may have had alot of local support (sestak, tubbs-jones, etc) but the media talked to the DEM leaders and the media was never on her side either. So that did not help her either.

    I think, in the end, she is proud of the fact that she had the most votes and in the end, that is what is impressive in spite of everything. It is, why people like me hung in there until the BITTER end thinking - maybe - the delegate committee (whatever they were called) on FL/MI or something along the line would break in her favor or that the SD's would see this and stay in her camp. But they listen to the DEM leaders and it is what it is.

    Edwards being in or out would not have changed the shitty way in which her campaign was run (thank you mark penn), so ultimately would not have changed the outcome.

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    I use to listen to Randi on a daily basis, even get her podcasts - but after she attacked Hillary and called her an f*in' whore - that's it. She's equal to Chris Matthews and Glen Beck in my book. I will not support or listen to her again. She's dead to me.

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    i hope this asshole winds up in jail

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    "I'm Singing in the Rain just Singing In the Rain, what a Glorious Feeling I'm Happy (Gay) Again..."

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    If the Repugs had something to offer, then maybe...but they don't.

    However, in 2 years things could be different and that is why I believe Congress/Obama has to move NOW on healthcare reform, getting rid of DADT/push through Gay legislation and ensure that all anti-women legislation that Bush put in (ie stem, abortion, etc) is overturned NOW.....he/we may not get another opportunity in 2010....remember what Bill went through...

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    I still can't give any more $$$$ since I maxed out my contribution, right? I had over paid (apparently) and they sent me back a refund.

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    After 8 f*in years of George Bush - I say get rid of 'em...and anyone in TX who wants out should get a free ticket to whatever state they want to live in.

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