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    I think it's a good thing. Holding onto Congress for his 2nd term is one of the keys to getting EVERYTHING passed that we need.

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    the polls i've seen of NJ and VA have them virtually tied. so your suggestion is if these 2 spots are lost to Repers...the dems should simply fold and go home.....Yeah, great idea.

  • if i had a bomb strapped to me and was willing to commit Jihad........

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    did I forget to vote? was there an election I just missed? or are you just doing your weekly republican rant over here on mydd....

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    i love it.

  • I think dems need to stick together otherwise we'll be OUT in 2010 and Obama might be out in 2012. Sounds to me like Baucus will have his own set of problems dealing with prog. dems on his committee.  

    I'm convinced more than ever that we have to pass the best we can get before year end or face retribution at the polls. Is a public option vital? Yes. Even if it costs you congress? No.

    I'm sure there are lots of back room negotiations going on - the dems will need repugs on other key votes as well - unless they want to push through EVERYTHING with no repugs and risk losing in 2010 and having them undo what we did.

    I would not be at all surprised if we do wind up with some sort of public option - it just may be called something slightly different and not be exactly as what we expect.

    Fight the good fight for now - but we have got to stand together on this at the end. It is very important that the Dems claim "Victory" over the republicans at the end of this. Also - if there are no repugs anywhere on the bill or their suggestions are nowhere in the bill - they will have a field day spinning the "mr. hopey/changey/reach across the aisle/no redstate/bluestate" bull shit.....Obama will become "just another politican".

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    Front and Center is where he needs to be. EVerytime he gives a speech, his poll numbers go up. So - he needs to keep giving speeches, it makes everyone feel better.

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    Honestly - I love Obama. I mean really - what the hell more could we ask for? I know many argue he should have more cajones - but honestly, coming off as an angry black man will inspire the racists.

    He is doing a very very good job considering the shit hole he was given to lead.

    As a Hillary supporter - I'm glad Hillary is not having to go through this crap by the wing nuts.

    I know many of us are hell-bent on getting that public option (i'm one of those) - but really, I will support my president - no matter what - he is GREAT.

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    no one here is saying that ALL Repugs are racists - we know there are SOME that aren't. But this diary hits the nail on the head with the fringe nutters - they ARE racist. Just take a look at the some of the signs they are carrying..."taxpayers are jews for obama's ovens"..."impeach osama obama hussein".
    Joe Wilson belongs to a pro-conferderate group and worked for Thurmond.  I can't stand Dowd - but this time, she's right. These nut jobs are acting as if he didn't win. If Wilson was really against illegal immigrants getting healthcare - which is what he yelled "you lie" out about - then why did he vote to fund them in the Bush Medicare prescription drug act? these ole white boys are pissed as all hell they that lost.
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    that was then, this is now. The difference is a larger dem majority now, more americans wanting healthcare reform and she would have brought it out into the open instead of holding the 'secret' meetings that the clintons held in the 90's.

    but it doesn't matter what coulda shoulda woulda happened. ALL that matters now is that Obama step up to the plate and HIT THE BALL. His opportunity is NOW and if the dems screw this up - then nothing can save them.

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    I think Hillary would have had her own plan out there for Congress to consider, then alter it from there.

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    I rarely regress to the primary days anymore - I mean what's the point and it was a year ago. But as I was reading your post, this is what popped into my head...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzoiPnrCw Sc

    (probably my favorite Hillary v Obama video)

    But anyway - Hillary would be running into the same problems and opposition that Obama is. Here's where I think the difference is and why I always thought (and still think) that Hillary is/would be the better LEADER on HCR......


    After what happened to Bill in the 90's and his lost opportunity at HCR - this has been the fight of her life (like Teddy's) and Hillary would have GONE FOR IT - used reconcilliation and the Repugs be damned. That's my opinion after years of watching her and seeing her passion on this issue.

    I still think "O'bambi" will go for it, but just a little more like a lamb - not the BRUT that Hillary is.

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    Yeah..right - cuz Bush and Cheney were so trustworthy!!

  • The Ted Kennedy Heathcare Reform Act and it would be hard for any democrat to vote against it.

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    tips, great diary


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