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    after HCR, repeal DADT and DOMA, pass the Equal Rights Ammendment, Global Warming bill.

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    he'll be so sad to see that his predictions of devastation and ruin of the democratic party were wrong!! Oh Well - there's always Virginia...

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    another FAT, OLD, WHITE GUY.

  • the world will end on Dec 21, 2012 - who cares.

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    there has to be something "wrong" with the bill. It's just too odd that Feingold and Nelson would both vote against it - they rarely agree. I'd be curious to know why a Feingold, Maccaskill, Byrd or Webb would be voting against this....

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    that's been my motto these past few months. but the truth is we cannot judge YET. We have got to wait until the FINAL bill is passed and actually see what's in it (HCR). Because Pelosi is SO SURE there will be a PO - you may eat your words Jerome before the year is up. Still waiting.....is what I'm thinking because why hasn't DADT been repealed? I realize these promises take time - but there is NO EXCUSE with the majority dems he has in congress. If DADT and REAL HCR is not passed by the end of the year - then yeah, we all have a right to be made, but let's give him til the end of the year....

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    the industry (travel and tourism).

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    I wouldn't base the whole 2010 race on one Mayor race in ABQ. There is a reason that the dems did so well in the '08 elections, people wanted change and they saw the damage that 8 years of Repugs caused. As long as the dems stay on message, keep calling out the Repugs for the reason we are in the mess we are in, which is true, and pass HCR as they promised - then they should do okay in 2010. They may lose a few seats here and there, but I don't believe it will be overwhelming. There's no evidence that the voting public prefer Repugs and their message of fear and hate.

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    i took a 20% paycut in April. Today I earn 50% less than I did during the "Clinton Years".

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    I will give the President latitude and believe he will do what he says he'll do. He has the will, the power, the numbers in Congress to push through all that he says he'll do. If he does not do it, then don't expect the LGBT community to be there for you, Mr. President (or democrats) in the next election. So - his timeline is clear - ANYTHING before the next round of elections.

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    There may be many other qualified candidates who have accomplished more than Obama, but I think the committee recognizes the impact that his historic Presidency has made - he is a symbol of hope; he has managed to reverse 8 horrific years of fear, hate, attack, isolation and non-diplomacy and he (and the US) are being rewarded for this. Obama's speeches are eloquent and uplifting - his speech in Cairo directed to muslim youth was inspiring. His rallies have had record attendance. By receiving the NPP, he is elevated on the world stage and this is a positive thing for the U.S. While the Repugs are mired in their hateful, fear tactics of tea parties and death panels, the NPP committee is saying to Obama and America "don't lose sight" of where you are going and what you can accomplish in the future.  I believe the committee rightly chose Obama as he has had the most positive worldwide impact in a relatively short time.

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    hmmmmm. So is the point of the story that when every votes counts, the real winner wins? Unlike - let's say - the democratic primary where if you live in a back-ass, po-dunk republican state like Utah - and can only vote one day for 3 hrs, your vote counts triple that of a more liberal, democratic state like CA where the voting goes on for a month and includes far more people? Too bad the Obama's didn't have ACORN to fall back on. (snark....yes, couldn't help but go back there for a minute of joyful bliss....)

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    I really wished I had listened to you, what was I thinking? Supporting Hillary Clinton - what a doofus I was....afterall the ONLY thing she stood for was HCR....and now - what a fool I was - well we all were...man, how did we all fall for that ole' Obama "I'm gonna get you healthcare reform trick"? Silly us....we should have listened to KENT. He KNEW, he absolutely K-N-E-W why don't we all just go ahead and vote republican next time and save ourselves alot of time and money....afterall, Kent KNEW.

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    I meant from the Senate Finance Committee. The other options sound like very watered-down PO ammendments. Drummmond - I hope you are right on the filibuster.


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