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    ho hum....so how long does it take to cook a turkey?

  • why was he hired? Steele is everywhere moaning about Obama and Dems and I've yet to see Kaine anywhere. We need the head of the Dem party to step up and start placing the blame where it is squarely deserved on the previous administration.

  • Christy1947.

  • I totally agree with you. I have no illusions who can right now afford and not afford abortions and how even right now their access is restricted - but - that's not the point. The point is that these 2 males (stupak-pitts) from the C-Stree Family (all men - read here)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fellows hip_%28Christian_organization%29

    have somehow been allowed to come to our party and pass an amendment that goes against the core values of the party which is a platform to protect and stand with pro-choice women's rights. If a republican offered this - would anyone even flinch? no. These are DEMOCRATS who know damn well what the platform is. So in a political manuever to pass HCR - the democrats were willing to set back women's rights.

    If we cannot trust the lawmakers whom we elected to protect us, then who can we trust?

  • the problem with this thinking is that we are talking about a civil rights issue. an issue that is a core value of the democratic party and that is women's rights and healthcare. It is equal to, let's say, a small group of white people writing an amendment that stated "african americans with sickle-cell anemia will not be covered under this plan". One could argue "oh well - not that many AA's have sickle cell anemia - so for the good of all and covering more people, let's just give in". Why would this be okay? there's nothing illegal about having sickle cell anemia so - why would anyone agree to legislation that singles out a group of people? The Stupak-Pitts amendment takes AWAY a civil right that belongs to women.

    Furthermore, you have to realize that the vast majority of progressive women (keeping in mind women are the majority of the dem party and most of those are pro-choice) would be so angry at the democrats for this betrayal, they would not re-elect them and certainly would not support Obama's re-election. Is THAT worth having a truly crappy health care bill?

  • the democratic party's core values have always been about a women's right to choose. this cannot and should not be changed to fit a small (albeit growing) number of evangelicals who are disenchanted with their own original party. It is they who would need to understand our core position on this issue will not change and instead they should focus on legislation where we can agree (ie climate change) and would welcome them based on this.

    there are many ways to deal with abortion and there are things that progressive woman would get on board with to help reduce abortions in this country. But overturning roe v wade and limiting a woman's access to safe and legal abortions is not up for negotiations. What is up for negotiations to help limit the number and where we can, perhaps, find common ground (where progressive woman would support this) is sex education; free contraception, including vasectomies; limiting erectile dysfunction medication from being offered through insurance and commercials of this being banned or at least requiring a "warning of causing unwanted pregnancies"; legislation going after fathers who shrug their financial responsibilities in child care. These kinds of legislation are dramatic and probably go too far in terms of the gov't getting involved in citizens private lives - however, a comprehensive abortion bill that address ALL of these from sex to pregnancy to term and that forces restrictions on men as these men like to force on women would at least appear to be "equal". As of right now, all abortion legislation is aimed at hurting women and is not addressing the overall problem. If evangelicals are not willing to address the whole problem, then they don't belong in the democratic party in my opinion.

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    well - as a gay woman, the democratic party is certainly moving a direction that I never dreamed possible. it's one thing to not GIVE gays the rights they were promised, but it's whole other game to TAKE AWAY women's rights they HAD. As my post says, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back for me - if it passes, I'm leaving the party for good. If obama signs it, I would never consider voting for him. Progressive women make up over half of the democratic party - the vast majority are not only pro-choice, they are vehemently pro-choice and have spent decades fighting for it. There is no way Obama wins reelection (or the democrats) without this wing of the party and we will go elsewhere if women are sent back into alleys with coat hangers.

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    I love how these powerful women, like Pelosi, claim we need more women in congress, then go and support the male running against a perfectly competent, well-liked, strong woman (Coakley/Hillary). What a hypocrite Pelosi is.

  • and just as I hit submit, I see Charles posts "The Stupak bomb". Yes, folks - this is a bomb and it may take a day or two to sink in, but when liberal women realize they've just been sold down the river I believe THAT will be the "hell to pay".

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    and will all these f*king males support an ammendment that bans viagra? insures that it is paid for out of pocket. Will these fkin' males agree to ban all erectile dysfunction commercials since they could assist in causing unwanted pregnancies? Will these f*king men support a bill that requires a man who does not financially support his kids to have a forced vasectomy that cannot be reversed until he pays up? Under this ammendment what happens when the woman is told by her dr that she must terminate her pregnancy or die? does she just die if she can't pay for it? what happens if the fetus is so deformed, so abnormal and it's life is in danger? too bad - have to have it? THIS IS A CROCK OF S*IT!! How disgusting, how deplorable that it was introduced by a DEMOCRAT.

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    interesting article. we had a "debate" yesterday at work. with some of these so-called independents upset at the healthcare bill - "it's so expensive, why should I pay, yada yada". These same people voted for Perot, Bush twice and then Obama - they are a fickle bunch - and esentially "sheep" - they follow whatever is happening in the MSM. I told them, "well, as an Obama supporter then YOU voted FOR Healthcare reform." they looked stunned. So I repeated - "that's right, if YOU voted FOR Obama then YOU supported healthcare reform." still, deer in headlights. It became apparent to me, these sheep never listened to a debate, or even knew why they voted for Obama - they just wanted "CHANGE"....it's a shame more is not required of people to pay attention to the ISSUES, not just the PERSON.

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    looks like the DEM party didn't get wiped out and die yesterday as you predicted. In fact, they are now 2 seats AHEAD of yesterday....what do you make of THAT Kent?

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    If Corzine wins, what will Kent do?

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    on Dec 21, 2012. NJ will go to hell in a handbasket.


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