Separate and Unequal

A Woman Was Beheaded in New York by her Husband!

Shine a light on this story which is being overlooked by the media, but is being circulated as a press release by New York's NOW Chapter: hp/founders-blog/111-an-important-press- release-from-now-ny-about-a-woman-behead ed-by-her-husband

Marcia Pappas, President of NOW New York asks "Why the media blackout"?  The Eerie county DA calls this an act of "domestic violence".  A prominent Muslim business man beheaded his 37 year old wife because he was angry over their divorce.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! First that the DA would quantify this brutal murder as 'domestic violence', as though the victim was slapped around a bit. And Second because the media, mainstream or otherwise is not reporting this story!!

Does the media choose not to report the story because it is entrenched in cultural and religious ideologies? It is, afterall, common in some islamic countries to behead, stone or set a woman on fire for disobeying her husband.

And neither the NY Times nor the Washington Post outlines the audacities that occur to women under Sharia Law. While both have run the story that Pakistan "gave into Terrorists" and agreed to install Sharia Law, they do not tell us about the horrors women face under Sharia Law. That women are slaves, they can be sold, beaten and murdered by their husbands who pay no price for these atrocities.

While each story is horrific. A man beheading a woman in New York; a country placing women back into slavery - what is also horrific is the LACK of ATTENTION the media gives to these stories from the Human Rights perspective. These are hate crimes, they are crimes against humanity.

The media coverage of this past election showcased the inequality that still exists in the coverage of women candidates compared to their male counterparts. Both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin faced discrimination by the media in the year 2008. A year when an African American man was elected President. Yet these two women were relegated into caricatures of being Irrelevant and power grabbing (Clinton) or Dumb (Palin).

At what point will someone in the media stand up and say - "Enough! We have to do a better job and get this right!!"

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all the news

sources i subscribe to have reported  this story. sadly, this is the fate of many women who seek separation or divorce in america. i don't believe that being a muslim makes one more or less likely to be abused or murdered.

you should provide links and statistics if that is the point you are trying to make.

by citizendave 2009-02-17 03:26AM | 0 recs
Re: all the news

I doubt if there are any statistics on that, but here is a link to one article on the topic, and some passages as follows:

Domestic abuse is hardly unique to Muslim immigrant communities; it is a sad fact of life in families of all backgrounds and origins. Yet, according to social workers, Islamic clerics and women's advocates, women from Muslim-majority cultures face extra pressure to submit to violent husbands and intense social ostracism if they muster the courage to file charges or flee.

A major obstacle to recognizing and fighting abuse, experts said, can be Islam itself. The religion prizes female modesty and fidelity while allowing men to divorce at will and have several wives at once. Many Muslims also believe that men have the right to beat their wives. An often-quoted verse in the Koran says a husband may chastise a disobedient wife, but the phrasing in Arabic is open to several interpretations.

"Many batterers manipulate Islamic law or use its perceived authority to control their wives. A man who has the power to divorce can really twist the knife," said Mazna Hussain, an attorney for abused women at the Tahirih Justice Center in Falls Church. "Muslim women want to be faithful to their religion, and the idea that you cannot disobey the word of God is very compelling, even if you are in an abusive relationship."

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Re: Separate and Unequal

This was the lead story on this morning.  When I first read it, I was struck by the irony that the husband was the founder of a TV station that had the mission of overcoming stereotypes about Muslims.  Once I found out the TV station was actually the wife's idea the irony kind of went away.

The news reports suggest the husband wasn't a particularly devout Muslim, so I'm not sure this was so much a religious thing.  It might have been a cultural thing, or it might have just been an anger thing.  Not too many years ago, our dear sweet office manager was strangled to death by her husband after she told him she was getting a divorce.  These stories are too fucking common.

by Steve M 2009-02-17 08:31PM | 0 recs


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