The Rural Story Is Not About Mudcat

Matt Stoller has spent a couple of days talking about Mudcat Saunders. Mudcat, as we all know, came out on the Time Magazine blog and angered the progressive blogoshere by speaking harshly about the "elites" of the Democratic Party.  I'm not sure he was talking about the bloggers, but that's how everyone took it, for the rest of the day and yesterday, a lot of bloggers have been taking Mudcat to task for talking about the elephant in the room.  

Mudcat is not the issue here.  If we're gonna talk about the real issues, let's talk about the new rural voter poll that []came out with this week.  

This new poll says rural voters are continuing their move back toward the Democratic party. Some of us who are concerned with rural issues have been watching this movement since 2004.  The move has been slow, but as the war rolls on with no end in sight and the rural economy remains stagnant, rural Americans are leaving the Republican party.

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