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    Webb wouldn't be in the Senate without the help of the netroots, both in fundraising and keeping the macaca story alive long enough for it to hit the MSM.

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    I'd vote that ticket in a minute if Webb was at the top.

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    I agree with you Lambros.  Further, I'm sick of these Obama nuts that keep coming up to me talking about him like the recently converted speaking about the baby Jesus.  

    Good Lord, if I hear one more mouthbreather repeat the Obama mantra, "he's such a dynamic speaker, blah, blah, he's magnetic, blah blah, I want to worship at his feet, Baa baaa."  

    What is this guy, the Jim Jones of policics?  Does he use mind-control on the dull-witted.  For the life of me--I don't get it.  I like him, but my God, we're choosing the leader of the free world here not the next American Idol winner.  

    Yesterday I was having lunch with my wife in my favorite restaurant, and this woman I know who does volunteer work comes up to our table and I couldn't get rid of her.  She stood like someone testifying in a Holy Roller Church.  My wife and I were in mid-meal and this poor woman, we almost had to get out the ant spray to get her away from our table.  She went on and on and on and never said a damed thing.  It was as if she couldn't stop talking and in the entire time she never said one substantial sentence.  She didn't know anything about Obama, but she was for him.  

    I'm more and more convinced this guy is an empty suit.  A very well spoken suit, but still an empty one.  

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    I'll be surprised with this long primary season, we don't sink our own boat with this infighting.  We are certainly handing out the talking point for the Republicans.


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