McNulty Didn't Stab Us

When the list of Democrats who voted against the veto override came down, I was seriously disappointed that my Congressman, Mike McNulty, wasn't with us.  

However, turns out he had a good reason, a better one than I expected, coming from a moderate Dem.

From the Albany Times-Union:

"...McNulty, an ardent opponent of the Iraq war, hadn't switched sides. Instead, he said he voted against the bill -- and in support of Bush's veto of the measure -- because of his view that any spending on the war will prolong it.

"'The only leverage we have left is the power of the purse,' McNulty said in an interview. 'The only way we can force the President to withdraw troops is to cut off funding.'"

The article is here: sp?storyID=587057&category=FRONTPG&a mp;BCCode=HOME&newsdate=5/6/2007

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