• Ah, yes... who could forget the smashing triumph that was 1994?  Or 2000, 2002, 2004...

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    Where in the diary was the poster complaining about whether Edwards or Obama took punches?  

    The point is CNN, as an organization, ran a crappy debate.  

    I'm happy to acknowledge Hillary was very effective last night, but are you seriously suggesting that staging questions like that from an audience is kosher?  Not in my book.  

    It's not an attack on Hillary, who is an effective debater and running a brilliant campaign.  It's an attack on the mockery of a presidential candidates' debate that CNN put together.  

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    "Andrew, we know you're into bear type, when did you change that? By the way, Obama is as straight as you can get. hehe..."

    Wow.  You are a shitty human being.  

    Your comment is indefensible, vile, homophobic, and unworthy of this website.  

    I expect Fred Phelps to stoop to this level of putrescence.  You, I didn't think would sink quite so low.  Clearly I was mistaken.

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    "How dare you, Mr. Edwards, come to my university, Howard University, be welcomed by our University President, introduced by the president of the Howard University College Democrats and then stack the audience with non-Howard Caucasian students."

    Racist much?  {the dkos diarist, not Mollie] Otherwise, why point out if students are caucasian?  Isn't it enough to point out that the students weren't from Howard?

    A claim, for which no evidence is presented.  The diarist is asking me to take them at their word, which... I'm sorry, is ridiculous in American politics.

  • Of course the GOP will lose big here.  I wouldn't argue that they won't.  I'm simply talking about the political ramifications of the driver-license issue in New York, which affects Spitzer less than Hillary.  Spitzer isn't up for re-election until 2010.  Hillary is running now.

  • I doubt it, since politically in New York Spitzer is still stronger than she is.  

    If Spitzer woke up tomorrow and said "Hillary should never darken the door of the White House ever again", it would dramatically affect her campaign but not so much Spitzer.  If Hillary said "Spitzer is a poopiehead" (or whatever) it wouldn't have much affect.

    The state apparatus is a curious machine in New York, but it isn't Hillary's machine.  She is a cog of the moment.  Our political culture still reflects Tammany Hall.  We have a strange relationship with our Governors.

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    The problem with Hillary's latest "I'm against it" is that like a spineless creature from the deep, she waited for Spitzer to finally listen to the people of New York and withdraw his plan.  

    Spitzer is the one with courage, taking his lumps on a plan that New Yorkers were 70+% against.  

    Hillary waited for him to withdraw his plan and now, all of a sudden, she's against it.

    I don't call that leadership.

  • Thanks for the laugh :)

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    According to the party bylaws, nothing prohibits me, let alone a convention delegate from voting their conscience.  I know the Communist Party, USA does.  But I am not a member of that organization.  I am a Democrat.

    For that matter, the word "endorse" is found nowhere in the document.

    http://a9.g.akamai.net/7/9/8082/v001/dem ocratic
    1.download.akamai.com/8082/pdfs/20060119 _charter.pdf

    Incidentally, this whole Edwards-not-endorsing-Hillary is a non-issue that Kos commented on earlier today.  So, for that matter, did Edwards.

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    Why not?  If I were a Republican, I wouldn't have voted for Bush either.  Sen. Linc Chafee famously didn't in '04.  It's called conscience.

    Who died and made any of us the Final Arbiter of what constitutes a Democrat?  I am no less a Democrat than thou art, friend.

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    I am an American first.  A Democrat later.  Hillary Clinton, in my view, should not be president.  If she is nominated, I intend to vote Libertarian.  

    My justification?  Simple.  It's my vote.  The "Party" owns neither my vote, nor my conscience.  It earns my vote, not vice-versa.  In the event I disapprove of the nominee, I will not vote for said candidate.  

    That you even have to ask Edwards supporters to "justify" their support or lack thereof for a candidate demonstrates to me a vastly different understanding of representative democracy and the role of political parties in that process than the one I hold.  

  • Can you chill out with the caps and the exclamation points?  

  • Who is Edwards pandering to?  Women?  Minorities?  I think not, they're not flocking to his campaign in droves.  White men?  They don't vote Democratic.

    Sorry, you're just demonstrably wrong on that score.

    Questioning honesty/integrity would be a personal attack if, like the swiftboat ads, it's unfounded.  The issue is, Hillary has been inconsistent which brings honesty and integrity into question.  Calling her on it is fair game; just as raking Edwards over the coals for his previous support for the war, etc are totally fair game.  

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    Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

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    This is exactly the sort of diary that has been sorely missing from MyDD for months.  Thank you for posting it.


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