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Ladies and Gents, put your cork back in your champagne bottle, there is still one more election opportunity to pick up a seat this year, and that seat is going to be won by progressive Democrat Ciro Rodriguez (TX-23).

Next Generation Democrats is more than plaeased to endorse Ciro Rodriguez for Congress in 2006.  He is a true progressive candidate who matches up with our Values

Please contribute today to Ciro's campaign so that we can elect a true progressive to Congress and increase our lead in the House.

There has been some concern on the netroots about whether or not Ciro can win this, and I'm relieved to say that he can.  He has graciously accepted help from the DCCC, many of our national stars are down there, and Ciro is on board with the program and doing what it takes to win.

The other day I received an e-mail from a resident of TX-23 that in part said

Bonilla is extremely vulnerable this year, and he may not necessarily be vulnerable in 2008.  The special election next month is a great pick-up opportunity for the Democrats, and would be a major morale boost for Texas Democrats!

Most of my neighbors and coworkers are conservatives, and many tend to vote Republican, but they are fed up with Bonilla.  I have been pounding the

pavement and making the rounds getting the word out about the lousy job Bonilla has done for this district.  People here respect Ciro, and would be willing to give him another chance to serve our community.  I have personally convinced many people to pledge their support for Ciro and put signs in their yards, etc.

Together with Ciro's traditional grass-roots support base, which is great at getting out the vote, I believe that our local online community can be the difference maker that pushes Ciro over the top.  I am hoping that a small group of committed Netroots activists here in San Antonio, myself included, can help Ciro beat Bonilla by taking the campaign online, but again, we need help from the rest of the online community.

In brief Ciro's values include, but are not limited to; opposition to the war in Iraq before it started, calling out the Bush administration for cutting veterans benefits during a war while fighting to get those benefits and more for those brave men and women in uniform, developing water and environmental infrastructure along the border, truly improving education and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

Please contribute today to Ciro's campaign so that we can elect a true progressive to Congress and increase our lead in the House.

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We need to win this one

And also remind people that there is still one more race to win.

by Pitin 2006-11-22 12:47PM | 0 recs
Re: We need to win this one

It would feel so sweet to pickup another seat in Texas this cycle.

by Quinton 2006-11-22 01:07PM | 0 recs


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